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15 Powerful Quotes From Our Favorite Celebrity Cancer Survivors

A cancer diagnosis — whether it is your own or a friend or family member’s — is usually quite a shock. No matter how much you read about awareness and prevention, nothing can prepare you for actually getting the news.

Not everyone who is diagnosed with cancer is comfortable being open about their treatment and recovery — and that’s totally fine. A person’s health is personal, and we’re entitled to share as much (or as little) of it as we want.

And like so many other parts of life, when we’re faced with something scary and uncertain like a cancer diagnosis, it’s natural to want to read up on it. But sometimes you don’t necessarily want to learn about symptoms you may have missed or the long road to treatment ahead of you; sometimes you just want a kick-ass inspiring quote from someone else who has gone through it.

Enter celebrity cancer survivors. Sure, their treatment and recovery journeys might look different from the average person’s, given their social and financial position, but hearing about how they got through the tough times may be just what you need on an especially difficult day.

Here’s a roundup of quotes from everyone from Robin Roberts to Fran Drescher to Wanda Sykes to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. They’re insightful, sometimes funny and refreshingly honest. So pour yourself a cup of tea, settle in and take a look through some powerful words from inspiring women. 

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