We Now Have More Period Product Options Than Ever — What a Time to Be Alive

May 28, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. ET
Period product options
Image: GladRags, Lunette, Thinx, Rael, Ziggy Cup/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

We're just going to come right out and say it: There has never been a better time to have a period. Sure, it may not be everyone's favorite time of the month, but at least we now have several different menstrual product options, including several companies that are relatively new.

If like so many of us your first exposure to periods came in an outdated copy of Judy Blume's 1970 classic Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, perhaps you were dreading having to use the pads described in the book, complete with a belt and clips. Thankfully, those fell out of use soon after the book was published in favor of pads with adhesive backs that stuck right onto your underwear.

Nowadays, pads come with moisture-wicking technology to make you feel less like you're wearing a diaper and wings to keep them in place. On top of that, there are tampons, reusable pads, menstrual cups, menstrual discs and free bleeding (if that's your thing). 

And we're no longer limited to the brands and products we can find in our local grocery stores and pharmacies: There are several companies that sell menstrual products directly to consumers, either on a one-off basis or through a subscription service (which is especially handy when you're dealing with something you use for a week each month, every month).

There are products for every size, shape and flow, including those that are environmentally friendly, made of organic cotton or designed to be used during period sex. Here are a few of the many options we have in 2018.

1 /15: Rael Organic Cotton Pads

1/15 :Rael Organic Cotton Pads

2 /15: Flex Menstrual Disc

2/15 :Flex Menstrual Disc

3 /15: Thinx High-Waist Period Underwear

3/15 :Thinx High-Waist Period Underwear

4 /15: Lola Tampons

4/15 :Lola Tampons

5 /15: GladRags Cloth Day Pad

5/15 :GladRags Cloth Day Pad

6 /15: NannoPad Regular

6/15 :NannoPad Regular

7 /15: Ziggy Cup

7/15 :Ziggy Cup

8 /15: Lunette Menstrual Cup

8/15 :Lunette Menstrual Cup

9 /15: Lunapads Boxer Briefs

9/15 :Lunapads Boxer Briefs

10 /15: The Comfort Box

10/15 :The Comfort Box

11 /15: Sustain Period Kit

11/15 :Sustain Period Kit

12 /15: Aunt Flow Pad

12/15 :Aunt Flow Pad

13 /15: DivaCup

13/15 :DivaCup

14 /15: Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator

14/15 :Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator

15 /15: Cora Applicator-Free Tampons

15/15 :Cora Applicator-Free Tampons