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The Best Underwear to Wear After Childbirth

Giving birth is no small feat! First of all, carrying a baby takes a whole lot of effort and energy You’re literally growing another human inside you. Then there’s the birth itself, often hours of intense activity, the culmination of planning and doctor’s visits and hopes and dreams and fears. And whether your baby comes into the world via C-section or vaginal delivery, your body has got some real repair work to do. 

There might be stitches tenderly held in place, not to mention swelling, bleeding and readjusting to the world without a squirmy ride-along pushing your organs to one side or the other. This is one physical activity you won’t just sleep off. It’ll take a while to heal, and the last thing you want to worry about? What kind of underwear you’re gonna need.

Bikinis and cute hip huggers aren’t going to cut it. So, what exactly can you wear to keep massive pads in place and feel comfortable on your recovering body? And what about once the most immediate healing is done, but your body is in no mood to hang with your old stash of lingerie?

No worries, mama. Here are postpartum underwear options that will support you.

This post is sponsored by Stayfree. 

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