The Mother’s Day Self-Care Gift Guide

When it comes to priorities, a lot of mothers put their families first. While that’s amazing and generous and all, it’s important to realize that moms need some care too. Mother’s Day can be challenging when it comes to gift-giving: We want to find the perfect present that shows how much we care and are appreciative of what she does but is also personal and a little more useful than a commemorative plate or scented candle.

To that end, we propose Mother’s Day presents that will give your mom the gift of time — whether that’s some much-needed time for herself to indulge in a massage or the time she would get back from not having to do stuff around the house. Or maybe she’s most in need of a good night’s sleep and could use a new mattress. The idea here is to give your mom the time and opportunities for self-care this year — you know she deserves it!