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Stylish Flats That Are Actually Good for Your Feet

If you live anywhere that experiences cold winters, your feet have spent the past few months wrapped up under layers of socks and a variety of boots. Now that it’s (technically) spring, though, it’s time to ditch the boots in favor of some cute flats that won’t make you want to chop off your feet after wearing them all day at work.

The problem is that despite not being the dreaded high heel, flats aren’t actually that great for your feet.

“There is such a thing, as ‘too flat,'” Dr. Jackie Sutera, Vionic Innovation Lab member tells SheKnows.  

Very flat and thin shoes are not good for your feet because they offer little to no arch support, shock absorption or cushioning, she explains. Instead, she suggests opting for a shoe with a slightly thicker sole and cushioned arch on the inside.

But with so many shoe options out there, how do we know which ones are the best for our feet?

Sutera says to look for shoes that have her three “good-for-you shoes” must-haves: arch support, cushioning and shock absorption. Other good bets are shoes that have a deep-seated heel cup, which allows the foot to make more contact with the entire sole. 

So, whether you’re heading to your friendly neighborhood shoe store or looking online, here are some of our favorites that both look and feel good.

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