10 Erotic Podcasts You Need to Download Right Now

by Allie Gemmill
Feb 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to
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The wonderful world of podcasts might seem like an odd medium to discuss sex and explore sexuality in all its beautiful forms, but you've got some serious misconceptions if that's how you operate. Because while one might think sex is a strictly visual or physical thing, the podcasting world is doing some innovative and exciting things when it comes to broaching the topic of human sexuality.

Trust me when I tell you an erotically charged podcast will do the trick in just the same way watching porn or having actual sex will. Honestly, the things you can listen to these days will send shivers up your spine. And if you'd prefer to mix it up and have something funny or informative mixed into your erotic listening, there's a podcast for that too. Basically, sex and podcasts go together like peanut butter and jelly, and just as you once gave that famous sandwich combo a try, you should really try listening to some erotic podcasts to see which one is for you.

Click through and check out some of my suggestions if you're looking for a good place to start.

1 /10: 'My Dad Wrote a Porno'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'My Dad Wrote a Porno'
Image: ACast

1/10 :'My Dad Wrote a Porno'

As filthy as it is funny, host Jamie Morton gets together with his two pals, James Cooper and Alice Levine, every week to read a chapter from the erotic literature Morton discovered his dad is writing while enjoying his retirement. The trio pokes fun at the elder Morton's scene painting (but with love!) and unpacks just what is and isn't good about the elder amateur erotic novelist's prose. It's pure gold, and you need to listen ASAP.

2 /10: 'Bawdy Storytelling'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'Bawdy Storytelling'
Image: Dixie De La Tour/Apple

2/10 :'Bawdy Storytelling'

According to Bawdy Storytelling's description on iTunes (by way of LA Weekly), it's "like The Moth for pervs," which tells you just about everything you need to know when it comes to this podcast. They bring together the most cringeworthy, silly, uplifting and fully unfiltered stories that are all sex-positive and about people getting in touch with their sexuality and living out their fantasies. Listen here

3 /10: 'The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'Kiss Me Quick'
Image: Rose Caraway/Apple

3/10 :'The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica'

Host Rose Caraway reads short stories that are lusty, lascivious and lurid to the max with TheKiss Me Quick's Erotica. If you're in the mood but choose to get your pleasure aurally, then you'll want to pop on this podcast. Listen here.

4 /10: 'Guys We F#@$!d'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'Guys We F#@$!d'
Image: Krystyna Hutchinson And Corinne Fisher/Apple

4/10 :'Guys We F#@$!d'

Hosts Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher get as unfiltered as possible with this hilarious podcast, which always aims to be sex-positive and truthful AF. Every week, Hutchinson and Fisher talked to men they slept with and/or tackle topics like STIs from one-night stands to pondering whether it's the right time to buy a particular penis-friendly sex toy, Guys We F#@$!d is the best kind of erotic podcast because it feels like you're just chatting and chilling with your friends.

5 /10: 'Swingercast'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'Swingercast'
Image: John And Allie/Apple

5/10 :'Swingercast'

Hosts John and Allie zero in on the unique world of swinging and use it as the lens through which all sex-related issues are opened up for discussion. Nothing is too off-limits and everything is meant to be seen as both sexy and informative. Take a listen for yourself here.

6 /10: 'Sex with Strangers'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'Sex With Strangers'
Image: Chris Sowa/Apple

6/10 :'Sex with Strangers'

Host Chris Sowa gets an international perspective on sex, going deeper into topics like sex and disability, sex with strippers and what it's like to pay for sex. Things get explicit and informative, but cover a range of intersectional issues under the sexuality umbrella. It's worth listening to.

7 /10: 'The Whorecast with Siouxsie Q'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'The Whorecast with Siouxsie Q'
Image: Siouxsie Q/Apple

7/10 :'The Whorecast with Siouxsie Q'

The Whorecast is meant as a reappropriation of the word "whore," in which it's used empoweringly as its applied to a podcast dedicated to speaking to American sex workers. Things get real — and fast — but in the end, it's well worth the listen

8 /10: 'The Manwhore Podcast'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'The Manwhore Podcast'
Image: Billy Procida/Apple

8/10 :'The Manwhore Podcast'

Taken from the male perspective, host and comedian Billy Procida takes listeners on a sex-positive quest to uncover the truth and inner workings of things like the art of the lap dance, having sex in public spaces and perfecting your oral sex art. Intrigued? Listen here for more.

9 /10: 'Strictly Anonymous'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'Strictly Anonymous'
Image: RiotCast Network/Apple

9/10 :'Strictly Anonymous'

Just as it says in the title, Strictly Anonymous gives listeners the chance to listen in to anonymous callers as they recount their sexiest sexual encounters, their biggest issues in the bedroom and more. Feed your voyeurism streak and maybe get the answer to your own burning sex-related questions when you tune in.

10 /10: 'Sex Out Loud'

Best Erotic Podcasts to Listen to: 'Sex Out Loud With Tristan Taormino'
Image: The VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network/Apple

10/10 :'Sex Out Loud'

Author, speaker, sex educator and filmmaker Tristan Taormino sits down at her podcast mic to chat about sexuality in all its myriad forms. Bringing in a wide range of guests, from sex workers to adult film stars to authors to average Joes, this podcast is great to listen to if you're curious about different niches of sex and sexuality but you don't know where to begin.