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The Best Moisturizers If You Have Psoriasis

Maybe it was the weather that triggered it, or maybe it was not eating well last week or a stressful month that had you on edge. It could have appeared on your scalp, your hands or your torso. Whatever the cause, the result was the same: dry, itchy, scaly skin.

Psoriasis is an uncomfortable condition that starts with the immune system and primarily presents on the skin. As anyone who has it knows, a flare can make you wonder if you’ll ever have calm skin again.

The primary line of defense is being careful to keep skin regularly moisturized and, when flares occur, being diligent about using creams and lotions. Although moisturizing won’t cure a psoriasis flare, it can help speed recovery and make patches less painful.

A good moisturizer soothes skin, locks in moisture and helps release dead skin buildup. With that in mind, we scoured through forums, reviews and dermatologist recommendations for the most effective moisturizers for psoriasis. Here are the top contenders.

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