The Best Gifts to Help Close the Pleasure Gap

by Elizabeth Yuko
Dec 7, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

It’s almost 2018 and definitely time to close the pleasure gap. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it stems from the fact that men are twice as likely to have an orgasm during sex than women. Not only that, but people with vaginas are far less likely to have a satisfying sexual experience when penises are involved. If this works for you and your partner, more power to you, but there’s more to good sex than a few pumps and a sigh.

Thankfully, we’re moving past the point where penis-in-vagina sex is seen as the ultimate act — which concludes when the person with the penis orgasms — and embracing a much broader concept of pleasure. We’re done with being passive sexual participants and want the same for our loved ones.

Here are some gift ideas for products that will help close the pleasure gap — whether that’s helping them take their orgasms into their own hands, working with a disability or ensuring both partners enjoy themselves.

1 /9: Desire Orgasm Balm

1/9 :Desire Orgasm Balm

From nips to clits, this will get you tingly all over.

Desire Orgasm Balm, $24.99 at

2 /9: Broad City Mind My Vagina water-based lubricant

2/9 :Broad City Mind My Vagina water-based lubricant

Because sometimes a little lube can go a long way to making sex more pleasurable. 

Broad City Mind My Vagina Water-Based Lubricant, $12.99 at

3 /9: Vibrator gripping aid

3/9 :Vibrator gripping aid

People with disabilities deserve a fulfilling sex life too. This aid can help those who need some help holding a vibrator.

Vibrator gripping aid, $64.61 at Spokz

4 /9: Eva II

4/9 :Eva II

Use this product alone or as a couple to help ensure all parties involved get something out of the experience.

Eva II, $135 at Dame

5 /9: Desire luxury USB rechargeable bullet vibrator

5/9 :Desire luxury USB rechargeable bullet vibrator

Sometimes good things come in small packages.

Desire luxury USB rechargeable bullet vibrator, $64.99 at

6 /9: Le Wand rechargeable massager

6/9 :Le Wand rechargeable massager

Everyone appreciates a good massage.

Le Wand gray rechargeable massager, $170 at Le Wand

7 /9: B-Vibe novice plug

7/9 :B-Vibe novice plug

Bottoms up.

B-Vibe novice plug in fuschia, $130 at B-Vibe

8 /9: Sex-aid sling

8/9 :Sex-aid sling

Another option for people with disabilities.

Sex-aid sling, $404 at Spokz

9 /9: 'Becoming Cliterate'

9/9 :'Becoming Cliterate'

Your sexual pleasure bible.

Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters — And How to Get It, $26.99 at HarperCollins