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Gifts to Help You Keep Fit in the Office

Those of us who work in an office spend a lot of time sitting. We know that hours on end with our butts parked in the same spot isn’t good for us, but most of us don’t have the option of popping out to the gym during our lunch break and don’t work in some fancy place where everyone has standing desks and treadmills. But fear not. There are affordable products out there that can make your time spent in the office much healthier. Best of all, they make great gifts — especially for those who are notoriously hard to buy for and have everything they need already. Or for yourself — because you deserve a folding standing desk too. Besides, what is a better present than the gift of good health? And the looks on your coworkers’ faces when you break out these new products on Jan. 1 will be totally worth it.

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