Get Your Holiday Shopping Flowing With This Gift Guide for People With Periods

by Elizabeth Yuko
Nov 16, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Most people who get periods aren’t exactly thrilled about it, but, after years of practice, have accumulated a few products or routines that help ease the pain and discomfort a bit.

Admittedly, period products aren’t typically what you think of when coming up with holiday gift ideas, but hear me out, because these will be appreciated. Whether it’s a monthly tampon subscription that means that special menstruator in your life will never have to make a mad dash to the store again or fashion activism items that help break the stigma surrounding the natural bodily function, these items and services will set your present apart. The only problem may be that you’ll want to keep these all for yourself.

Here are a few gift suggestions for people you know who menstruate to help make their lives a little easier during that time of the month and help propel the conversation on menstrual health forward.

1 /11: A Cora subscription

1/11 :A Cora subscription

Cora delivers high-quality organic tampons straight to your door every month, so you never have to make a late-night emergency run to the pharmacy again. And for every month's supply of Cora tampons you purchase, the company provides a month's supply of menstrual hygiene products and education to people in need.

Cora subscription, $12 – $15 at Cora

2 /11: Emergency tampon necklace

2/11 :Emergency tampon necklace

This is the perfect blend of stigma-busting fashion and function.

Emergency tampon necklace, price TBA at Katrina Hornwall

3 /11: PantyProp swimwear

3/11 :PantyProp swimwear

We all know periods can sense when you're going on a beach vacation. Now you can stay one step ahead with this specially designed swimwear collection.

Swimwear bundle, $139 at PantyProp

4 /11: This Is Not a Luxury T-shirt

4/11 :This Is Not a Luxury T-shirt

Wear your opposition to the pink tax loud and proud.

This Is Not a Luxury T-shirt, $35 at Conscious Period

5 /11: Periods Are Cool menstrual cup with bag

5/11 :Periods Are Cool menstrual cup with bag

A menstrual cup with a sassy bag? Yes, please!

Periods Are Cool menstrual cup with bag , $44.99 at Monki

6 /11: A hot water bottle

6/11 :A hot water bottle

If you haven't used a hot water bottle for period cramps, try it and thank me later.

Hot water bottle, $12.95 at Amazon

7 /11: Anything you Can Do, I Can Do Bleeding pin

7/11 :Anything you Can Do, I Can Do Bleeding pin

Because sometimes non-menstruators need to be reminded of this.

Anything you Can Do, I Can Do Bleeding pin, $1.71 at Doodlepeople/Etsy

8 /11: Period-tracking calendar stickers

8/11 :Period-tracking calendar stickers

If you still use an actual, physical calendar instead of a period-tracking app, these stickers will come in handy for tracking your cycle.

Period-tracking calendar stickers, $1.63 at ThreeTinyBows/Etsy

9 /11: 'Periods Gone Public'

9/11 :'Periods Gone Public'

This important book by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf should be required reading and makes a great gift.

Periods Gone Public: Taking a Stand for Menstrual Equity, $16.99 at Amazon

10 /11: The Adventures of Toni the Tampon: A Period Coloring Book

10/11 :The Adventures of Toni the Tampon: A Period Coloring Book

If you're going to buy one coloring book this holiday season, make it this one, by illustrator and menstrual activist Cass Clemmer.

The Adventures of Toni the Tampon: A Period Coloring Book, $10.00 at ToniTheTampon/Etsy

11 /11: Flo candle

11/11 :Flo candle

This candle smells divine and contains essential oils traditionally used for hormone balancing and improving mental clarity.

Flo candle, $35 at Flo.