Text Conversations That Are All Too Real for People With ADHD

by Sarah Long
Sep 6, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Navigating life can get a bit hectic. Technology has our minds on overdrive in general — and when you have ADHD, things can get taken to a whole new level.

Romantic relationships, relationships with kids and family, work responsibilities and just traversing through the day kicks up all kinds of thoughts — but it's those everyday discussions with ourselves that make things really hairy.

We talked to some people with ADHD and they all agreed. The conversations they have in their own heads oftentimes feel like a bad text message chain from which one cannot escape. OK, sometimes these convos are pretty entertaining but can be a tad annoying nonetheless.

If you have ADHD, these texts are probably all too relatable.

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1/9 :At work

How is it possible to get anything done when there's so much going on?

2 /9: When you're late

2/9 :When you're late

Someone tell ADHD it's not safe to text someone while they're driving.

3/9 :At the gym

TBH, that trainer is pretty hot, though.

4 /9: At the grocery store

4/9 :At the grocery store

So much food, so little time.

5/9 :On a date

Seriously, though, what's up with all the loud people in the theater?

6/9 :At the mall

A good shopping sesh will kick anyone's brain into high gear.

7 /9: When you're knee-deep in DIY

7/9 :When you're knee-deep in DIY

No one ever talks about those moments of crazy focus.

8 /9: When you're cleaning

8/9 :When you're cleaning

Let's be real. The process of cleaning is rife with distractions.

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