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8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere but in Bed

Look, guys. I realize that sometimes adventurous sex can seem a little overrated. Is it really worth putting in all this effort for a questionable outcome, like a twig in my thigh? Am I really going to have a better orgasm — or any orgasm — in the shower? Maybe not. But there’s still a damn good reason to get outside your sex comfort zone (read: mattress) every once in awhile. Because newness is hot.

Research shows that new things literally trigger activity in a part of our brain that makes us feel good and releases the happy hormone dopamine. And sex itself causes a surge in oxytocin, the warm-and-fuzzy hormone that makes us feel close to our partners. In other words, sex in a new place creates ideal chemical conditions in your brain and body. It’s a recipe for fun and a natural high — orgasm aside.

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Any good sex therapist, including our go-to guru, Marissa Nelson, licensed marriage and family therapist, will tell you that while orgasms are obviously important, they shouldn’t be the end goal of sex every single time. It’s about the sexual journey, people, not just the destination!

Luckily for you, spring is finally kinda-sorta here, which means that we’re not stuck inside all the time, and you getting some action in places like a pool, beach or car isn’t something that would put you at risk of hypothermia. Plus, there are plenty of indoor places where getting busy is just as safe, but way more exciting than between the sheets.

Ready for some sexcursions? Check out eight fun, hot, off-the-grid positions to try in unusual places.

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