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Feelin’ Out of Shape? Maybe It’s Time to Move to One of America’s Fittest Cities

Feeling a little out of shape lately? Maybe it’s time to move. 

Yup, when it comes to staying in shape, not all cities in the U.S. are created equal. But don’t worry, we’ve got the 411 on where you should move thanks to the American College of Sports Medicine’s latest annual report of the healthiest, fittest cities in America

Some of this year’s cities are no-brainers, but there are a few that made it into the top 10 that might surprise you. The numbers come from analyzing city layout, public access to recreational facilities and rates of obesity, smoking, diabetes and heart disease, among other things. Researchers found that the cities that ranked higher are more accessible on foot (or bike) and have a built-in environment that supports a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, overall, the whole country seems to be doing pretty well healthwise, but these 10 cities knocked it out of the park.

From fit to fittest, here are the American cities you should move to if you’re looking to stay fit as a fiddle.

Originally published May 2016. Updated August 2017.

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