69 Sex Positions You Need to Put on Your Bucket List Immediately

In the wonderful world of sex, there’s getting down — and then there’s getting down.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re always down for a casual quickie or some missionary, but why not branch out and take things to a whole new level? To bring your sexuality spark to life once again, sometimes all it takes is a brand-spanking-new position to get the party started — a position that hits all the right spots. Speaking of spankings, you can throw one of those in for good measure too. You know, if that’s what you’re into.

We’ve compiled 69 positions you need to try ASAP. Ironically, good old-fashioned 69 isn’t on the list, because as the very wise Carrie Bradshaw once wrote, “It’s my belief that the last time anyone actually enjoyed the 69 position was in 1969.”

So here you go: 69 sexy options.


A version of this story was originally published in July 2016.