33 Beautiful Tattoos That Bring Awareness to Autism

There are a million reasons people get tattoos. Some get them in memory of a relative or friend, others get them to commemorate a special time in their lives. Some get tattoos for no other reason than the fact that they look really awesome. 

And then there are the people whose beautiful body art serves to bring awareness to austim and honor their loved ones who are affected by it. The autism community is a brilliantly strong one, and that is definitely reflected in their ink. Bright colors and touching messages are just a few details you're likely to see in a tattoo dedicated to the cause. 

We gathered some of the most beautiful autism tattoos to bring you inspiration and education. No matter how big or how small, there's a story behind every single one of these autism-themed tattoos — whether it's a deeply personal meaning or a fun little reminder of a special person. 

Originally posted April 2016. Updated October 2017.