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21 Essential oils with health benefits aromatherapists swear by

As you step into the new year, you may notice the holidays have taken a toll on your body — we’re right there with you.

You might be feeling a little more tired and sluggish than usual, as a result of all that overindulging and family-related stress and anxiety. This may inspire you to go all out with that New Year’s resolution to better your body and mind. And while eating right and exercising is certainly a big part of that, using various essential oils can also lead to incredible improvements.

We spoke with two essential oil experts to create a definitive list of essential oils to try this new year. Most are easy to find at your local health food store, like Whole Foods, or even Walgreens and Target. Remember, these oils are either designed for aromatherapy (inhaling via steam or incense) or skin therapy, but only after they’ve been diluted with water. You never want to ingest oils directly because they are incredibly concentrated.

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