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12 Valentine’s Day Gifts for New Boyfriends

When you’re in a new relationship, Valentine’s Day gifts can be tricky. You want to get something because you’ve got somebody to celebrate with, but you don’t want to go too far and make it seem like you’re in deeper than you actually are. It should be cute and thoughtful but also not too expensive. So many etiquette rules to consider, so few days left to actually buy the damn thing.

But fear not — if you’ve got a new boyfriend, we’ve got a few ideas for what to get him. From whiskey subscriptions to the latest video games, these are the gifts guys are looking for. Simple, practical and all under $100, these are gifts that will put a box of chocolates to shame. Although, you can also get a box of chocolates — who doesn’t love candy?

Here are our top picks for the not-super-serious (yet) relationship in your life.

A version of this article was originally published in January 2016. 

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