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23 Uniquely Sexy Gifts That’ll Send Your Partner Through the Roof

The holidays are a sweet little time that we spend with our grandparents and cute nieces and nephews — but we’re totally into the idea of taking advantage of the season to kick things up in our relationship, too. For every sweater or toy we buy this year, we’re gonna get three sexy things for our significant other. Because… why not?

But just because we’re planning to get a little kinky with our partner, that doesn’t mean our presents have to be the same old lingerie. Sure, sexy underwear is fun, but it’s totally expected. I mean, we’re sure we’d be hard pressed to find a guy or girl who would say “no” to a little lingerie, but thinking outside of the box is just so much more fun. And investment in your partner’s sexual pleasure is an investment in your own happiness and future.

These gifts will stimulate your imagination and, well, other body parts.

Originally published December 2015. Updated November 2017.

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