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This Week Might Be Your Last Chance to Snag Free At-Home COVID Tests

It’s time to stock up on free at-home COVID tests, and here’s why.

On Thursday, May 11, the Biden-Harris administration will officially end the COVID-19 pandemic public health emergency. Once this designation is lifted, many temporary measures put into place to make COVID testing more accessible will cease. As TIME reported, that includes the mandate for Medicare and private health insurance companies to cover at-home COVID tests.

Depending on your insurer’s policy, you may still be able to get COVID tests free of charge. But for many Americans, these at-home tests will soon cost about $10 a pop, or $20 for a pack of test.

After May 11, many insurers will no longer cover rapid or PCR COVID tests either.

Here’s everything you need to know about the policy changes coming later this week — and why COVID testing still matters.

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