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A Woman’s Depressed Husband Made a Worrying Comment & Reddit Stepped in With Thoughtful Advice

Depression affects about 17.3 million U.S. adults, yet this common mental health disorder is still shrouded in stigma. Oftentimes, loved ones of people with depression don’t know how to offer support. This is the case for one Redditor — but luckily, compassionate commenters in the /Relationship_Advice Subreddit had some practical, well-intentioned advice.

User @Stateach (29F) posted in the relationship-focused forum regarding her husband (30), who has struggled with anxiety and depression “pretty heavily for the past few years.” Recently, though, he made a particularly worrying comment that has her unsure how to respond.

“[My husband] is in therapy,” she recalled, “and after his last [appointment], I asked how it went and if they were continuing the topic of shame that they have been digging into lately.”

“Now, here’s where it gets tricky,” she continued. “I’m appreciative that he disclosed what they talked about, but his answer made me so sad. He said, ‘No, we mostly talked about how I feel like it doesn’t matter if I’m around or not.'”

Naturally, this answer devastated the Original Poster, who loves her husband and wants him to know how grateful she is for his presence in her life. The pair also has a 10-month-old son, and OP said her husband is “the best dad to him.”

Husband (M30) told me (F29) he feels like it doesn’t matter if he’s around or not…
by u/Stateach in relationship_advice

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