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A Man Says He Wants To Confront His Partner About Her ‘Sugar Addiction’ for Her Health — But Reddit Is Giving Him the Side-Eye

When two people enter in a relationship they each bring their own quirks, habits and baggage (for better or worse) to the table. And to make the relationship work on the mature, adult-level we all want, partners need to be able to take the time to decide if those habits are things they’re compatible with — or at least things they can live with or come to understand with kindness and compassion (you know, that whole being in love thing).

A 30-year-old man on Reddit is running into that situation with a woman he has been seeing for two months, noting that he has a problem with some of her dietary habits — particularly the sugar he’s seen her consume.

“I’ve been with this girl for 2 months and she is awesome. We love spending our time together. She is a good match for me. She likes the music I like, same sense of humor, and is down to go on any adventure with me,” the OP writes in his initial post. “She is super addicted to sugar though. She doesn’t drink water, only sugar drinks like Gatorade, soda, and milkshakes. It’s gross but I like her enough to get over it, but an ick might be coming on.”

If you’re not new here, you know that we’re not really big on making shame-y or blame-y commentary on people’s food habits. It’s not all that effective or kind — particularly with someone you love — and a lot of times can come from a place that’s less authentically concerned with someone’s health and more-so from a judgmental and fat-phobic place. And, unsurprisingly, in just the next line of this post that rears its ugly head.

“I know it’ll eventually destroy her body and right now she’s kind of tiptoeing that line of being too big for my comfort,” he said. “Idk, I’m confused about my feelings.”




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