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Reddit Is Deliberating Over Whether a Teen’s Parents Should Support His True Crime Content Obsession

True crime. This popular genre of content about real-life crimes and how they were solved is incredibly lucrative, so it’s likely we’ll see even more true crime podcasts, movies, and series continue to emerge. But is that a good thing? The jury’s still out. Just ask this Redditor, who is fighting with her ex over whether their teen son should be allowed to watch true crime content at his dad’s house.

Writing in the infamous /AmITheAsshole Subreddit, user @OverbearingEx gave some context: Her son (14) is obsessed with true crime videos. “He watches a lot of true crime content, especially on YouTube,” she wrote. “He often has it playing in the background when he is doing chores, so I have heard many of the videos. The content is intense, but it’s very academic for the most part.”

AITA for letting my son watch true crime content?
by u/OverbearingEx in AmItheAsshole

Her son has also made it abundantly clear why he enjoys this content: He’s very interested in America’s legal system. In fact, he said he “wants to pursue a criminal justice degree when he goes to college.” So, his interest itself is fairly academic, too.

Enter the Original Poster’s ex, who forbade their son from watching true crime videos at his house, “even with headphones on.” Originally, OP assumed this was because her ex’s other children are much younger than their 14-year-old, which makes sense to her. “Of course they shouldn’t be exposed to such things,” she wrote.

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