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Easy & Sexy Photo Poses You Can Send to Your Partner, According to a Boudoir Photographer

It’s safe to say we all get a little awkward when we take sexy selfies. How do we arch our back just so without looking like you had an accident (or creating one in the process)? How can you bite your lip in a way that looks hot and not hangry? Basically how can we look sexy as hell without feeling like a complete failure in the process?

For some pointers, we turned to NYC-based professional boudoir photographer Andreea Burciu-Ballen who knows a thing or two when it comes to making women look and feel their sexiest. For those who need a little refresher: Boudoir photography is a photography session with a sensual, intimate, and sometimes erotic aesthetic in which the subject wears sexy outfits, lingerie — or even nothing at all.

While boudoir photography has been around for years, it’s recently been trending on TikTok in an effort to help us all mere mortals feel more like goddesses when sending nudes or tease-y little photos to our partners.

According to Burciu-Ballen, in order to create sexy, visually arresting photos “that will stop your partner in his or her tracks (in the best, hottest way possible), there’s a trifecta of three ‘T’ elements that will take your selfies to the next level of art and seduction: Tension, triangles, and tippitoes!”




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