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Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence, & More Plus-Size Models Speak On the Beauty, Power, & Worthiness of Bigger Bodies

Did you know that the term “body positivity” emerged in the 1960s when people in marginalized bodies — fat, queer, non-white, and disabled — began a fat acceptance movement? Decades later, around 2012 when influencers became noteworthy public figures, the phrase took serious cultural hold as it started circulating as an empowering hashtag and general theme of discussion in online communities.

Today, body positivity is much more than just a subject of digital chatter — it’s an empowering mindset that encourages all people to love, cherish, and respect their bodies regardless of how they fit in the (tired) social standard of thinness and straight sizes. It’s not uncommon for famous figures to speak about their own efforts to be body positive and promote the idea of self-love to their audiences, and this is especially true of plus-size models.

Ashley Graham is one of the most prominent celebrity advocates for body positivity. Her status as a body-positive icon launched with a 2009 Glamour feature titled “These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size.” In 2016, she became the first size 16 model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and since, she’s written a book, started a podcast, and given a TED Talk on body positivity and its importance.

Graham isn’t the only plus-size model to use her platform to encourage body positivity and uplift others in bigger bodies, though — read on for musings on being body positive from several of the most prominent plus-size models in the industry.

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