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The Best Shampoos for Your Thinning, Menopausal Hair

Jessica Hartshorn

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It’s not like I’ve ever had thick hair. Back in the 80s, when the other high school girls had lion’s manes of curls and bangs that reached for the heavens, I was lucky if I could fake the Meg Ryan tousled short hair look. Now that I’ve hit my menopausal years I have to accept that I really, truly, will never look like vintage Stevie Nicks. Neither long hair nor thick hair will come to me naturally. In fact, like 40 percent of women by age 40, I am more likely to experience hair loss.

What has changed since high school are the products that are available. No more stiff, scrunchy mousse-with-a-chemical-smell needed! In fact, thanks to the best shampoos for menopausal hair, I can look like I have a fuller head of hair without much styling, which is a real boon because thin hair plus heavy products that dry it out were never a good mix.

I rotate shampoo because I always assume I can find something just slightly better. But this is as good a time as any to stop, take stock of hair-thickening shampoos that really work, and sing their praises. For one thing, unlike some other menopausal beauty products, many of these thin-hair shampoos are probably also good for younger women (or even for some high school girl out there like I was, someone who is now trying to look like Dua Lipa.)

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