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We Asked Astrologers to Explain Why These Celeb Couples Work

In astrology, one of the most exciting topics to cover is love, sex and relationships. Why? Because your birth chart can tell you so much about yourself and your romantic relationship with others. 

Beyond just wondering how to find love if you’re single, a big aspect of love readings has to do with zodiac compatibility. Like, can an air sign with intimacy issues make it with a lovesick Pisces? Can two people with the same sign keep things interesting? What signs really create magic as they navigate sex, parenting, and day-to-day life as a couple? It’s the hottest form of gossip for personality-type obsessed folks (me, specifically).

I firmly believe that true love conquers all (no matter what the stars say!) — but you’ll notice that some star signs don’t often end up on the path to perfect chemistry, and sometimes the signs that you never expect to be together actually create a harmonious relationship.

To get a sense of astrological compatibility in action, I asked Astrologists Allie Schultz and Rebecca Gordon to examine the IRL romantic pairings between some of our favorite celebrity couples with sun sign placements across the board. Read on to learn more about these star-powered couplings!

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