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Health Podcasts That Are Informative, Inspirational & Not Corny

I love some good, gooey and woo-woo inspo as much as the next person in the wellness space. But sometimes, and I say this with the deepest love and affection, the genre of content (from Instagram and Facebook-live to podcasts) can get real corny, real quick. And whether you’re getting in a workout, commuting or just looking for some smart background noise, you can only handle so much.

Sometimes when you’re bombarded with affirmations, positive routines and all the commerce-focused trappings of wellness culture, you just want to listen to smart people talk about the issues that matter for you and your body without cringing. You want the straight-shooters being clear about the systemic issues leading to health issues that affect us all, you want someone to help you make sense of your brain and all your stressed-out feelings without hitting on saccharine clichés and you want to laugh or nod or make a note to change up something in your healthcare routine (or ask your doctor about something) without it being a whole thing.

Luckily, with the sheer volume of wellness podcasts out there, we were able to track down a few we actually dig and that provide this service. At its best, a physical or mental health podcast can feel like a trusted friend and a real good voice in your head offering you something interesting, wise or funny (or all three) to help you live a healthier life (or at least set the intention to do that.)

Read on for a few of our favorite pods that give us that sensation without feeling cheese-tastic. Because, yes, they do exist!

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