30 Common Yoga Poses You Can Practice From Your Living Room

Yoga is amazing. But yoga is also expensive.

When I first tried yoga, I bought myself a three-month membership that, while worth it, was just too expensive to justify for much longer. But I loved what yoga did for me, so I kept up my practice via online classes and free events around my city.

And because I really believe that yoga doesn’t need the frills and thrills of trendy studios, I talked with my friend and certified yoga teacher, Lauren Millea, who was the first one to drag me to a yoga class and who, here, helped our editors break down 30 poses.

Instead of beating yourself up for not being able to make the 5 p.m. class or stretching your budget thin, get your dose of yoga using these 30 GIFs that demonstrate the most common yoga poses you can practice from your living room.

A version of this article was originally published in November 2016.