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All the Times Celebrities Got Real About Health in 2018

When you really think about it, a lot can happen in the course of the year. In the realm of health news, this idea is ever-present, with a veritable avalanche of news, studies, health trends and important medical information being reported to us on a daily basis. But another equally important aspect of the health news cycle is the information that comes to us from trusted sources speaking from first-hand experiences, like celebrities who are raising awareness about their own important health journeys that, in turn, inform us and raise the public’s consciousness of a specific health issue. That, in short, happened quite a lot in 2018.

Celebs we know and love like Gabrielle Union, Chrissy Teigen, Ryan Reynolds and Amy Schumer all came forward at various points this year to get real about their various health concerns, battles or practices as they understand them from their own experiences. In turn, we wanted to round up all the times these beloved celebs got real about their health so, as we wrap up 2018, we can reflect on their candor and perhaps learn something in the process too.

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