18 Under-$50 Self-Care Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

Everyone likes to feel nice and pampered, but a lot of us can’t justify spending money on doing that for ourselves. While that’s a whole different issue (#SelfCareIsntSelfish), giving someone a gift you know they’ll enjoy and might make their life a little better and more comfortable is a pretty great feeling.

Unfortunately, though, most of us can’t afford to whisk our friends and family away to an exotic spa vacation to unwind. But never fear. There are plenty of self-care gifts out there you can totally afford and everyone will appreciate.

Here is a list of gifts you can give at any time of the year, really — birthdays, the holidays, when someone isn’t feeling well or has lost a loved one — any time they can use a little extra TLC. The only problem is these self-care presents are so affordable you might wind up keeping them for yourself. Of course, that’s totally fine and you deserve it — so maybe just order two to begin with.