Misty May-Treanor Photos

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Aug 6, 2009 at 6:02 p.m. ET
Misty May competed in Dancing With the Stars and was partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. However, an injury forced her to drop out.

1 /24: Misty May Olympic Portrait

1/24 :Misty May Olympic Portrait

Prior to the 2008 Olympic Games, Misty May of Team USA posed for this portrait in Chicago at the Palmer House Hilton.

2 /24: Misty May Hugs Kerri Walsh

2/24 :Misty May Hugs Kerri Walsh

After winning an event on August 26th, 2007, Misty May hugs her teammate Kerri Walsh. The duo is arguably the best volleyball tandem in history.

3 /24: Misty May Dancing with the Stars

3/24 :Misty May Dancing with the Stars

In 2008, Misty May appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Her premature exit was due to a ruptured achilles tendon that later required surgery.

4 /24: Misty May on David Letterman

4/24 :Misty May on David Letterman

After returning to the United States with a gold medal in hand, Misty May appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2008.

5 /24: Misty May on Crutches

5/24 :Misty May on Crutches

An achilles tendon injury ended Misty May's run on Dancing With the Stars. May was on crutches for a while after surgery. Here she is photoed with her husband.

6 /24: Misty May on a Massage Chair

6/24 :Misty May on a Massage Chair

Misty May relaxes on a iJoy Robotic Massage chair after returning to America following her second gold medal winning performance in the Olympics.

7 /24: Misty May on the Medal Stand

7/24 :Misty May on the Medal Stand

Misty May is seen here with roses in hand as she stands on the medal stand. With her teammate Kerri Walsh, May was able to win gold in 2008.

8 /24: Misty May at an Emmy Party

8/24 :Misty May at an Emmy Party

In 2008, professional beach volleyball player Misty May attended an Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

9 /24: Misty May at a Children's Hospital

9/24 :Misty May at a Children's Hospital

Everyone knows Misty May is a great beach volleyball players. But Misty May is also a great person! In this picture, she can be seen at a children's hospital in Orange County.

10 /24: Misty May has a Tattoo

10/24 :Misty May has a Tattoo

Located on her lower back, Misty May has a roman numeral five tattoo. The tattoo signifies the number she wore while playing volleyball at Cal State Long Beach.

11 /24: Misty May at the Beijing Olympics

11/24 :Misty May at the Beijing Olympics

Misty May, a beach volleyball player for Team USA, dives for a save in a match against Dalixia Fernandez and Tamara Larrea of Cuba.

12 /24: Misty May Wins Gold

12/24 :Misty May Wins Gold

With the final match in the books against Tian Jia and Wang Jie of China, Misty May runs to celebrate with teammate Kerri Walsh.

13 /24: Misty May Talks to Kerri Walsh

13/24 :Misty May Talks to Kerri Walsh

During a 2008 AVP event in Boulder, Colorado, Misty May talks to her superstar beach volleyball partner Kerri Walsh. In this match, May and Walsh came out on top!

14 /24: Misty May and Matt Treanor

14/24 :Misty May and Matt Treanor

Misty May is pictured with her husband Matt Treanor. At the time, Treanor was a professional baseball player with the Florida Marlins.

15 /24: Misty May Florida Marlins

15/24 :Misty May Florida Marlins

Misty May tosses out the first pitch for the Florida Marlins while wearing an Olympic gold medal around her neck. At the time, her husband Matt Treanor played for the Marlins.

16 /24: Misty May with George W. Bush

16/24 :Misty May with George W. Bush

Misty May and her beach volleyball teammate Kerri Walsh pose with George W. Bush during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

17 /24: Misty May and Mike Lambert

17/24 :Misty May and Mike Lambert

Misty May and fellow volleyball player Mike Lambert were at the Nautica and Sports Illustrated AVP event in Hermosa Beach, California.

18 /24: Misty May at Carnegie Hall

18/24 :Misty May at Carnegie Hall

At Carnegie Hall, Misty May is joined by teammate Kerri Walsh and actors Jane Krawkowski and Jack McBrayer at a Glamour magazine event.

19 /24: Misty May and Dax Holdren

19/24 :Misty May and Dax Holdren

In 2006, Misty May and Dax Holdren attended an AVP even at Saffire Lounge in Hermosa Beach. Both May and Holdren are professional volleyball players.

20 /24: Misty May Gets a Big Check

20/24 :Misty May Gets a Big Check

For winning the Manhattan Beach Open in 2008, Misty May and her beach volleyball teammate Kerri Walsh receive a big check for $100,000.

21 /24: Misty May at the Brooklyn Open

21/24 :Misty May at the Brooklyn Open

Misty May at the 2008 Brooklyn Open gets down and dirty to dig a ball. May and Kerri Walsh ended up defeating April Ross and Jennifer Boss.

22 /24: Misty May in Hermosa Beach

22/24 :Misty May in Hermosa Beach

Showing off her athleticism, Misty May reaches for the volleyball way above the net. Teamed with Kerri Walsh, May defeated Tatiana Minello and Carrie Dodd.

23 /24: Misty May in Coney Island

23/24 :Misty May in Coney Island

After winning an AVP event that took place in Coney Island, Misty May celebrates with Kerri Walsh while drinking a blue Gatorade.

24 /24: Misty May at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

24/24 :Misty May at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

At the premiere of Friday Night Lights in Los Angeles, Misty May was one of the many celebrities on hand. The event took place at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.