Mia Hamm Photos

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Aug 6, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. ET
Soccer star Mia Hamm sports a milk mustache as part of the "got milk?" campaign, which promotes the health benefits of milk.

1 /24: Mia Hamm at UNC

1/24 :Mia Hamm at UNC

In college, Mia Hamm helped lead the University of North Carolina Tarheels to four NCAA Women's National Championships. Mia Hamm was an All-American and Atlantic Coast Conference player of the year for her last three years at UNC.

2 /24: Mia Hamm for Gatorade

2/24 :Mia Hamm for Gatorade

Soccer star Mia Hamm was one of several athletes with endorsement deals with Gatorade. Here we see a giant billboard of Mia Hamm on the side of a building in Dallas that was part of the Gatorade ad campaign.

3 /24: Mia Hamm in Sports Illustrated

3/24 :Mia Hamm in Sports Illustrated

Though always in the spotlight, soccer sensation Mia Hamm leads a relatively private life. She graced the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2003 with the article entitled, "The Reluctant Superstar.

4 /24: Mia Hamm Retires from Soccer

4/24 :Mia Hamm Retires from Soccer

Mia Hamm retired in 2004, after 17 years of playing soccer with two World Championships and two Olympics gold medals.

5 /24: Mia Hamm Signs Autographs

5/24 :Mia Hamm Signs Autographs

Though she is known to be very shy and a private person, soccer legend Mia Hamm embraced her role as a goodwill sports ambassador and role model to young girls around the world.

6 /24: Mia Hamm Watches Hockey

6/24 :Mia Hamm Watches Hockey

Retired soccer superstar Mia Hamm is a big sports fan. She watched game 2 of the 2006 NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Edmonton Oilers and the Carolina Hurricanes at the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

7 /24: Mia Hamm Waves to the Crowd

7/24 :Mia Hamm Waves to the Crowd

At the inaugural Billie Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Mia Hamm and her teammates from the gold medal winning US women's soccer team wave to a crowd of fans.

8 /24: Mia Hamm with Youth Soccer

8/24 :Mia Hamm with Youth Soccer

Soccer legend Mia Hamm talks to young soccer players during one of her training sessions at the Slammers FC Skills Camp.

9 /24: Mia Hamm's Olympic Glory

9/24 :Mia Hamm's Olympic Glory

Considered by many as the world's best female soccer player, Mia Hamm led the U.S. Women's Soccer team to Olympic gold medals in 1996 and again Athens in 2004. She was part of World Cup Champion teams in 1991 and 1999.

10 /24: Nomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm

10/24 :Nomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm and her husband, baseball player Nomar Garciaparra, share a special moment together. The couple has been married since 2003.

11 /24: Mia Hamm at the Hall of Fame Induction

11/24 :Mia Hamm at the Hall of Fame Induction

Regarded as the best female soccer player of all-time, Mia Hamm speaks during her National Soccer Hall of Fame induction ceremony in August 2007.

12 /24: Mia Hamm at the Billie Awards

12/24 :Mia Hamm at the Billie Awards

Maria Hamm enjoys the "Grand March" at the Billie Awards. The Women's Sports Foundation, founded by tennis superstar Billie Jean King in 1974, honors female athletes.

13 /24: Mia Hamm at the 2004 EPSY Awards

13/24 :Mia Hamm at the 2004 EPSY Awards

All-time soccer great Mia Hamm at the 12th Annual ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. The EPSYs honor the best sports stars and teams each year.

14 /24: Mia Hamm Addresses the Crowd

14/24 :Mia Hamm Addresses the Crowd

Retired soccer legend Mia Hamm and her husband, baseball player Nomar Garciaparra, address the crowd at the annual Celebrity Soccer Challenge charity event.

15 /24: Mia Hamm Against Norway

15/24 :Mia Hamm Against Norway

US soccer star Mia Hamm battles with Anne Toennessen of Norway during the soccer preliminaries on September 14, 2000 in Melbourne. The United States went on to win the game by 2 to 0.

16 /24: Mia Hamm and Alexi Lalas

16/24 :Mia Hamm and Alexi Lalas

In 2007, Los Angeles Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas and retired US Soccer team star Mia Hamm spoke to the media at Home Depot Stadium. Mia Hamm was expecting twins at the time.

17 /24: Mia Hamm and Family

17/24 :Mia Hamm and Family

Mia Hamm met her future husband, MLB baseball player Nomar Garciaparra, at a charity event in 1998. After divorcing her college sweetheart, Nomar and Mia began dating and he proposed to her in 2002. They have twin girls.

18 /24: Mia Hamm and Her Daughter

18/24 :Mia Hamm and Her Daughter

Retired soccer star Mia Hamm watches her young daughter play with a soccer ball before the match between the Washington Freedom and the Los Angeles Sol. Mia Hamm was the most prolific scorer in pro soccer history.

19 /24: Mia Hamm and Joy Fawcett

19/24 :Mia Hamm and Joy Fawcett

US soccer teammates Joy Fawcett and Mia Hamm embrace after their victory in the gold medal game during the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Greece.

20 /24: Mia Hamm and Len Oliver

20/24 :Mia Hamm and Len Oliver

Women's Olympic and World Cup champion Mia Hamm gets a hug from Len Oliver, DC Stoddert's Director of Coaching. Both Hamm and Oliver were inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

21 /24: Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra Charity Soccer Game

21/24 :Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra Charity Soccer Game

Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra host the Celebrity Soccer Challenge annually. The charity game is a competitive soccer match between celebrities and members of US National teams.

22 /24: Mia Hamm and Ronaldo

22/24 :Mia Hamm and Ronaldo

Brazilian striker Ronaldo and USA's Mia Hamm of the USA received FIFA World Player of the Year Trophies for 2002 during the FIFA annual gala in Madrid, Spain.

23 /24: Mia Hamm at a Celebrity Baseball Game

23/24 :Mia Hamm at a Celebrity Baseball Game

Soccer superstar Mia Hamm picked up a baseball bat for the 48th Annual Hollywood Stars Game before the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates in June 2006.

24 /24: Soccer Icon Mia Hamm

24/24 :Soccer Icon Mia Hamm

Though Mia Hamm was born with a club foot and had to wear corrective shoes as a toddler, she went on to become a soccer icon and role model to sports-minded women around the world.