Lauren Jackson Photos

by SheKnows
Aug 6, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. ET
Born in Australia, Lauren Jackson likes spending time at the beach. In this picture, she's posing while sitting in the sand with her blonde locks flowing.

1 /24: Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird

1/24 :Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird

Without a doubt, the two most popular players on the Seattle Storm are Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird. Bird is the team's point guard, while Jackson is the pivot in the middle.

2 /24: Lauren Jackson Plays for Spartak

2/24 :Lauren Jackson Plays for Spartak

During the WNBA's offseason, Lauren Jackson plays for the WBC Spartak Moscow Region. She's played with this Russian team since the 2007 season.

3 /24: Lauren Jackson at Training Camp

3/24 :Lauren Jackson at Training Camp

Lauren Jackson has played with the Seattle Storm since being the first overall pick of the 2001 WNBA Draft. In this shot, you can see her during training camp getting ready for the season.

4 /24: Lauren Jackson Playing New Zealand

4/24 :Lauren Jackson Playing New Zealand

When Australia plays against New Zealand in any sport, you know the competition will be fierce. In this game, Lauren Jackson led Australia to an easy victory by a final score of 77-39.

5 /24: Lauren Jackson in Sports Illustrated

5/24 :Lauren Jackson in Sports Illustrated

Lauren Jackson of the WNBA's Seattle Storm posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2005. Her bikini shows off her 6-foot-5 body.

6 /24: Lauren Jackson Grabs a Rebound

6/24 :Lauren Jackson Grabs a Rebound

Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm fiercely grabs a rebound against the Phoenix Mercury. Jackson is one of the WNBA's best rebounders.

7 /24: Lauren Jackson Plays Against England

7/24 :Lauren Jackson Plays Against England

While playing for Australia, Lauren Jackson played against England. Jackson had 31 points to lead Australia to a 95-43 victory in the Commonwealth Games.

8 /24: Lauren Jackson and Tina Thompson

8/24 :Lauren Jackson and Tina Thompson

Lauren Jackson attempts over the Australian national team attempts a shot over Tina Thompson of Team USA. Despite Jackson's play, Team USA won the game.

9 /24: Lauren Jackson Sitting on Stairs

9/24 :Lauren Jackson Sitting on Stairs

Lauren Jackson relaxes on the stairs while wearing a casual getup featuring faded jeans. The shadows from the railing make this a very artistic shot.

10 /24: Lauren Jackson WNBA MVP Award

10/24 :Lauren Jackson WNBA MVP Award

For the second time, Lauren Jackson won the WNBA's Most Valuable Player award for her play during the 2007 season with the Seattle Storm.

11 /24: Lauren Jackson with her First-Team Award

11/24 :Lauren Jackson with her First-Team Award

For her marvelous play with the Seattle Storm during the 2006 season, Lauren Jackson was named to the All-WNBA First Team. She was also named to the WNBA's All-Decade Team.

12 /24: Lauren Jackson World Championship

12/24 :Lauren Jackson World Championship

At the 2006 World Championship, Lauren Jackson led the Australian women's basketball team to a first place finish. She can be seen here holding the Austrailian flag.

13 /24: Lauren Jackson and Yao Ming

13/24 :Lauren Jackson and Yao Ming

Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm and Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets were able to have a conversation as both represented their country at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

14 /24: Lauren Jackson Australian Flag

14/24 :Lauren Jackson Australian Flag

Lauren Jackson has been a force in international basketball ever since leading Australia to a silver medal in the 2000 Olympic Games. In this photo, she's holding the Australian flag.

15 /24: Lauren Jackson Working Out

15/24 :Lauren Jackson Working Out

Lauren Jackson didn't get her amazing body by accident. As can be seen here, Jackson is working out her arms while wearing a grey Nike shirt and a black headband.

16 /24: Lauren Jackson WNBA Champion

16/24 :Lauren Jackson WNBA Champion

Lauren Jackson helped lead the Seattle Storm to a WNBA championship during the 2004 season. In the 2004 WNBA Finals, the Storm defeated the Connecticut Storm.

17 /24: Lauren Jackson Australia Interview

17/24 :Lauren Jackson Australia Interview

After return from the United States, Lauren Jackson went to the studio to give an interview with the Australian media. The interview was in her hometown of Albury.

18 /24: Lauren Jackson Seattle Mariners

18/24 :Lauren Jackson Seattle Mariners

Prior to a Major League Baseball game during the Seattle Mariners and the Baltimore Orioles, Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm threw out the first pitch.

19 /24: Lauren Jackson Spinning a Basketball

19/24 :Lauren Jackson Spinning a Basketball

During a press conference in her native country of Australia, Lauren Jackson is seen here spinning a multi-colored basketball on her middle finger.

20 /24: Lauren Jackson and Jan Stirling

20/24 :Lauren Jackson and Jan Stirling

Lauren Jackson hugs Jan Stirling, the head coach of the Australian women's basketball team. This game took place in Canberra, Australia at the AIS Arena.

21 /24: Lauren Jackson with a Silver Medal

21/24 :Lauren Jackson with a Silver Medal

An emotional Lauren Jackson hears the Australian national anthem play during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. She has a silver medal around her neck.

22 /24: Lauren Jackson Sits on the Bench

22/24 :Lauren Jackson Sits on the Bench

Although Lauren Jackson and the Australian national team made it to the gold medal game in the 2008 Olympics, they ended up losing handily to the United States by a final score of 92-65.

23 /24: Lauren Jackson Albury Lady Bandits

23/24 :Lauren Jackson Albury Lady Bandits

In 2006, Lauren Jackson played basketball in her home country of Australia. She suited up for the Albury Lady Bandits in the Australian Basketball League.

24 /24: Lauren Jackson Athens Olympics

24/24 :Lauren Jackson Athens Olympics

Lauren Jackson played for the Australian women's basketball team in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Australia ended up winning the silver medal.