Kerri Walsh

by SheKnows
Aug 6, 2009 at 2:59 p.m. ET
After winning the Hermosa Beach Open championship in 2008, Kerri Walsh hugged Misty May. In the Finals, they beat Jenny Johnson and Annett Davis.

1 /24: Kerri Walsh and Misty May

1/24 :Kerri Walsh and Misty May

Kerri Walsh and Misty May are called the greatest beach volleyball team of all-time. In this picture, the pair pose together near the beach in Santa Monica, California.

2 /24: Kerri Walsh in San Francisco

2/24 :Kerri Walsh in San Francisco

Playing in an 2007 AVP event in San Francisco, California, Kerri Walsh and Misty May are in the midst of a tough match in the Finals -- that they eventually won!

3 /24: Kerri Walsh Against Brazil

3/24 :Kerri Walsh Against Brazil

Kerri Walsh gets a low five from Misty May as they face a grueling match against the Brazilian beach volleyball team. This match was played at Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground.

4 /24: Kerri Walsh at a Fashion Show

4/24 :Kerri Walsh at a Fashion Show

At the Las Vegas Convention Center, beach volleyball pro Kerri Walsh attended the 2008 MAGIC Marketplace Fashion and Apparel Show.

5 /24: Kerri Walsh Birthday Party

5/24 :Kerri Walsh Birthday Party

How did Kerri Walsh celebrate turning 30? Walsh had a giant party in Beijing, invited 80 people and made a wish to win a gold medal. Soon after, she won gold for the second time!

6 /24: Kerri Walsh Access Hollywood

6/24 :Kerri Walsh Access Hollywood

Kerri Walsh talks with Access Hollywood during her stay in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games. Walsh ended up bringing home the gold for the United States.

7 /24: Kerri Walsh and George W. Bush

7/24 :Kerri Walsh and George W. Bush

During the 2008 Olympics, Kerri Walsh and her beach volleyball teammate Misty May had time to take a break and snap a picture with George W. Bush.

8 /24: Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings

8/24 :Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings

Kerri Walsh is seen here with her husband Casey Jennings. Like Walsh, Jennings is a beach volleyball player. The couple met in 2000 and got married in 2005.

9 /24: Kerri Walsh Gold Medal

9/24 :Kerri Walsh Gold Medal

One of the most successful beach volleyball players in history, Kerri Walsh has two Olympic gold medals among her collection of trophies and awards. This particular gold medal was won in 2008.

10 /24: Kerri Walsh at an Awards Show

10/24 :Kerri Walsh at an Awards Show

Kerri Walsh was on the red carpet for the 6th Annual Family Television Awards. This awards show took place in 2004 in Beverly Hills, California.

11 /24: Kerri Walsh Holds the Trophy

11/24 :Kerri Walsh Holds the Trophy

Kerri Walsh, with help from her legendary beach volleyball partner Misty May, hold up the trophy that they won for attaining victory at the Best of the Beach Open.

12 /24: Kerri Walsh Celebrates a Victory

12/24 :Kerri Walsh Celebrates a Victory

To celebrate a victory at the AVP Brooklyn Open, Kerri Walsh and her beach volleyball teammate pop the champagne. They defeated Elaine Youngs and Nicole Branagh in the Finals.

13 /24: Kerri Walsh Waits for a Serve

13/24 :Kerri Walsh Waits for a Serve

Kerri Walsh is waiting for a serve during a Federacion International del Volleyball match in June of 2009. As usual, Misty May is her teammate.

14 /24: Kerri Walsh and Shaquille O'Neal

14/24 :Kerri Walsh and Shaquille O'Neal

At a press conference for the reality show "Shaq Vs.", Kerri Walsh is photoed with Shaquille O'Neal and Misty May in 2009.

15 /24: Kerri Walsh at The ESPYS

15/24 :Kerri Walsh at The ESPYS

Kerri Walsh and Misty May, the beach volleyball legends, attended the 17th Annual ESPY Awards. The ESPYS are an annual sports awards show put together by ESPN.

16 /24: Kerri Walsh and her Son

16/24 :Kerri Walsh and her Son

Kerri Walsh is with her son Joseph at the AVP Crocs Manhattan Beach Open. The event took place in Manhattan Beach, California in 2009.

17 /24: Kerri Walsh in New York City

17/24 :Kerri Walsh in New York City

Kerri Walsh was in New York City for the Glamour Woman of The Year Awards. Next to Kerri is her beach volleyball teammate Misty May.

18 /24: Kerri Walsh in Carnegie Hall

18/24 :Kerri Walsh in Carnegie Hall

In Carnegie Hall, Kerri Walsh and Misty May attend the 19th Annual Glamour Women of The Year Awards. May is on crutches after getting injured on Dancing With the Stars.

19 /24: Kerri Walsh has Gatorade and Visa Tattoos

19/24 :Kerri Walsh has Gatorade and Visa Tattoos

Kerri Walsh has sponsorship deals with Gatorade and Visa -- as you can tell by the tattoos on her arms. She's pictured here during an AVP event on Coney Island.

20 /24: Kerri Walsh at the Beijing Olympic Games

20/24 :Kerri Walsh at the Beijing Olympic Games

At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Kerri Walsh and her beach volleyball teammate Misty May took home the gold medal. In was the second time, Kerri won a gold medal.

21 /24: Kerri Walsh Talks Strategy

21/24 :Kerri Walsh Talks Strategy

Kerri Walsh talks strategy with teammate Misty May during a match against Norway. This game took place on Day 6 of the 2008 Olympics.

22 /24: Kerri Walsh Blocks a Shot

22/24 :Kerri Walsh Blocks a Shot

During the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in 2007, Kerri Walsh jumps to block a shot. Walsh was representing the United States in this match against Japan.

23 /24: Kerri Walsh in Switzerland

23/24 :Kerri Walsh in Switzerland

Kerri Walsh of the United States beach volleyball team serves the ball in a match that took place in Switzerland in the city of Gstaad.

24 /24: Kerri Walsh and Fans

24/24 :Kerri Walsh and Fans

Kerri Walsh and the rest of the top AVP players have a reputation of really connecting with their fans. In this picture, you can see Walsh making the day for a couple of her fans after a semi-finals match.