Gabrielle Reece Photos

by SheKnows
Aug 6, 2009 at 2:57 p.m. ET
Beach volleyball player and model Gabrielle Reece has passed on her beautiful genes to her young daughter. Gabrielle Reece has been a pro athlete, model and actress.

1 /24: Gabrielle Reece - Volleyball Beauty

1/24 :Gabrielle Reece - Volleyball Beauty

Volleyball sensation Gabrielle Reece was just a sophomore at Florida State University when Elle Magazine named her "one of the five most beautiful Women in the world" in 1989.

2 /24: Gabrielle Reece in Playboy

2/24 :Gabrielle Reece in Playboy

Volleyball star Gabrielle Reece graced the cover of Playboy (with an accompanying pictorial) in January 2001.

3 /24: Gabrielle Reece Charity Speaker

3/24 :Gabrielle Reece Charity Speaker

Volleyball player, model and mom Gabrielle Reece was a guest speaker at a charity luncheon that raised money to fund scholarships for former foster youth. The event was hosted by 44 Women for Children, one of Orangewood Children?s Foundation?s auxiliaries.

4 /24: Gabrielle Reece Filming Cloud Nine

4/24 :Gabrielle Reece Filming Cloud Nine

Volleyball player Gabrielle Reece has done her share of modeling and acting as well. Here, she is on the beach while filming Cloud Nine, a 2004 film starring Burt Reynolds.

5 /24: Gabrielle Reece for Cool Water

5/24 :Gabrielle Reece for Cool Water

Never short of endorsement opportunities, volleyball player and model Gabrielle Reece was the spokesmodel for Davidoff, makers of Cool Water fragrance.

6 /24: Gabrielle Reece for Nike

6/24 :Gabrielle Reece for Nike

Gabrielle Reece was Nike?s first-ever female cross-training spokesperson, from 1993 to 1999. She was also the first female athlete to design a shoe for the company.

7 /24: Gabrielle Reece Goes Green

7/24 :Gabrielle Reece Goes Green