Danica Patrick Photos

by SheKnows
Aug 6, 2009 at 2:56 p.m. ET
Danica Patrick was the recipient of a huge trophy when she won her first IndyCar race in 2008. She finished ahead of superstar Helio Castroneves.

1 /23: Danica Patrick IRL Indycar Series

1/23 :Danica Patrick IRL Indycar Series

Danica Patrick is serious about her auto racing. In this picture, Patrick is preparing for a 2007 IRL Indycar Series race in Richmond, Virginia.

2 /23: Danica Patrick Daytona International Speedway

2/23 :Danica Patrick Daytona International Speedway

In January of 2009, Danica Patrick raced at the Daytona International Speedway. In this photo, she has her eye on the incoming lap times.

3 /23: Danica Patrick Indianapolis 500 Qualifying

3/23 :Danica Patrick Indianapolis 500 Qualifying

Prior to racing in the Indianapolis 500, you have to qualify. That is exactly what Danica Patrick was doing on a cloudy day in May of 2009.

4 /23: Danica Patrick at the Learjet 500k

4/23 :Danica Patrick at the Learjet 500k

Danica Patrick prepares to speak at a press conference prior to the start of the Bombardier Learjet 550k race. This event took place in Fort Worth, Texas.

5 /23: Danica Patrick in Canada