Danica Patrick Photos

by SheKnows
Aug 6, 2009 at 2:56 p.m. ET
Danica Patrick was the recipient of a huge trophy when she won her first IndyCar race in 2008. She finished ahead of superstar Helio Castroneves.

1 /23: Danica Patrick IRL Indycar Series

1/23 :Danica Patrick IRL Indycar Series

Danica Patrick is serious about her auto racing. In this picture, Patrick is preparing for a 2007 IRL Indycar Series race in Richmond, Virginia.

2 /23: Danica Patrick Daytona International Speedway

2/23 :Danica Patrick Daytona International Speedway

In January of 2009, Danica Patrick raced at the Daytona International Speedway. In this photo, she has her eye on the incoming lap times.

3 /23: Danica Patrick Indianapolis 500 Qualifying

3/23 :Danica Patrick Indianapolis 500 Qualifying

Prior to racing in the Indianapolis 500, you have to qualify. That is exactly what Danica Patrick was doing on a cloudy day in May of 2009.

4 /23: Danica Patrick at the Learjet 500k

4/23 :Danica Patrick at the Learjet 500k

Danica Patrick prepares to speak at a press conference prior to the start of the Bombardier Learjet 550k race. This event took place in Fort Worth, Texas.

5 /23: Danica Patrick in Canada

5/23 :Danica Patrick in Canada

Racing in the Canadian city of Edmonton, Danica Patrick comes around the corner in her blue Motorola Andretti racing car. You can see the buildings of Edmonton in the background.

6 /23: Danica Patrick at Cancer Research Event

6/23 :Danica Patrick at Cancer Research Event

Danica Patrick doesn't hesitate to give back to the global community. When she's not racing, she can be found at events such as this Foundation for Cancer Research event.

7 /23: Danica Patrick and Lisa Leslie

7/23 :Danica Patrick and Lisa Leslie

Prior to an ESPY awards show, superstar auto racer Danica Patrick talks to superstar basketball player Lisa Leslie of the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks.

8 /23: Danica Patrick and Graham Rahal

8/23 :Danica Patrick and Graham Rahal

Danica Patrick and Graham Rahal attended Grand Prixmiere II: Dancing with the Cars. The event took place in The Henry Ford Museum in the state of Michigan.

9 /23: Danica Patrick at a Movie Premiere

9/23 :Danica Patrick at a Movie Premiere

At the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, Danica Patrick went to the movie premiere for "Baby Mama". This event took place at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City.

10 /23: Danica Patrick and Francois Thiebaud

10/23 :Danica Patrick and Francois Thiebaud

Francois Thiebaud, the president of Tissot, held a press conference with Danica Patrick to announce a continued partnership deal for the Swiss watch brand.

11 /23: Danica Patrick 2009 Sports Illustrated

11/23 :Danica Patrick 2009 Sports Illustrated

As the years go on, Danica Patrick just gets sexier. Here is a backstage look at Patrick's shoot for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

12 /23: Danica Patrick Satellite Radio

12/23 :Danica Patrick Satellite Radio

As one of the most famous female athletes in the world, sponsors love Danica Patrick. In this photo, Patrick is promoting XM Satellite Radio.

13 /23: Danica Patrick Leans on Pit Wall

13/23 :Danica Patrick Leans on Pit Wall

As she waits to begin her practice laps, Danica Patrick leans against pit wall. This 2007 photo was taken at the Suntrust Indy Challenge in the month of June.

14 /23: Danica Patrick Number Seven Car

14/23 :Danica Patrick Number Seven Car

At Richmond International Raceway, Danica Patrick can be seen in her number seven car. It is the Motorola Andretti Green Racing Dallara Honda.

15 /23: Danica Patrick and will.i.am

15/23 :Danica Patrick and will.i.am

During the 17th annual ESPYs, Danica Patrick and musician will.i.am presented an award. The event took place in July of 2009.

16 /23: Danica Patrick at the Indy 500 Parade

16/23 :Danica Patrick at the Indy 500 Parade

Danica Patrick, the world famous auto racing diva, was a superstar at the 2009 Indy 500 parade that took place in Indianapolis in May of 2009.

17 /23: Danica Patrick at the Indianapolis 500

17/23 :Danica Patrick at the Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the most prestigious races in the land. In this photo, Danica Patrick is getting swarmed by media from around the globe.

18 /23: Danica Patrick in Los Angeles

18/23 :Danica Patrick in Los Angeles

Danica Patrick gets photographed while in the audience for the 2009 ESPY awards. Sitting behind her is Derek Fisher of the Los Angeles Lakers.

19 /23: Danica Patrick in Sports Illustrated

19/23 :Danica Patrick in Sports Illustrated

In 2008, Danica Patrick appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her four page spread proved that auto racers can be sexy too!

20 /23: Danica Patrick Wins Race

20/23 :Danica Patrick Wins Race

Danica Patrick won the Indy Japan 300 to become the first female to win a race in IndyCar history. Her victory came in April of 2008 at the age of 26.

21 /23: Danica Patrick in the Denim Design Lab

21/23 :Danica Patrick in the Denim Design Lab

Danica Patrick, the auto racing queen, went to the Denim Design Lab in Los Angeles to get specially fitted for some custom clothes and gear.

22 /23: Danica Patrick Press Conference

22/23 :Danica Patrick Press Conference

Danica Patrick poses for pictures before a press conference concerning the 2008 Swimsuit Issue. The camera loves her as much as she loves the steering wheel!

23 /23: Danica Patrick at Chicago Cubs Game

23/23 :Danica Patrick at Chicago Cubs Game

Danica Patrick knows here way around a racetrack. By throwing out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game, Patrick showed that she has the makings of a two-sport star.