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5 TV Shows That Get Infertility Right

Ahhh, if only life were like a sitcom, where all problems can be solved and tied with a neat little bow at the end of a half-hour. As anyone who’s struggled with infertility knows, the real-life storyline of trying to conceive often takes years to explore — and far too many women never get that coveted happy ending. (Sorry to break it to you, Mrs. Brady.)

That’s why it’s always refreshing when writing teams take the time to get infertility right. Even though 1 in 8 couples experience trouble trying to conceive, there’s still a pretty wide divide in terms of awareness and understanding — so seeing the true experience represented in mass media can be a great way to start the conversation about the various challenges these couples face and the options they have.

Thankfully, there are a number of TV shows paving the way by treating the topic of infertility thoughtfully and accurately. Check out our picks for the shows that have kept it real with true-to-life infertility storylines.

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