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Celebody: How to get Cameron Diaz’s Pilates body

We’re working out with Cameron Diaz’s trainer Teddy Bass at Asics’ Train Like a Celebrity” event and learning how his method can get you a hottie Celebody.

Celebody: Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

The arms, the abs, the butt… Cameron Diaz‘s body is rock hard. What’s her secret? It’s celebrity trainer Teddy Bass. Teddy has worked with Cameron for years now and has helped her get in tip-top shape for roles like Charlie’s Angels, Bad Teacher, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

At the Asics’ Train Like a Celebrity event recently, we got the chance to chat with Teddy about his method and try one of his famous Pilates workouts.

See what Teddy told us it takes to get an A-list bod

Teddy Bass at Asics’ “Train Like a Celebrity” even

Teddy answers our top diet & fitness questions

SheKnows: What is more important, diet or exercise?

Cameron Diax

Teddy Bass: That’s a hard question but I always say diet is the most important. Exercise is key because it actually does burn calories, but you are what you eat. So if you’re eating too much, then you’re going to gain weight. Realistically, just being really aware of conscious eating is actually going to change your body, and then the exercise is going to be that extra little cherry on the top of that sundae.

SK: Is there a best time of day to work out? People say it’s the morning — is that true?

TB: More calories get burned in the morning because you haven’t had a meal, so you’re actually going to go into fat storage. So you’re going to burn more fat earlier in the morning. But what I always say is do it when you can. If it’s not convenient, you’re going to stop.

SK: Should you stop eating after a certain time at night?

TB: I preferably ask my clients not to eat two to two and a half hours before they go to bed, because your metabolism shuts down. So there is really going to be no metabolism burning whatsoever.

SK:  What do you think is the most effective form of cardio?

TB: Variation. I would never do the same thing every time. I have people do 10-minute intervals on different types. Or I have them go do a class or do an outside hike — something that challenges them and that they don’t mind, but just so that it’s not always mundane and the same thing.

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