Skin-to-skin activities with your boo!

Summer is in full swing, and the hot and stickiness of it all has finally arrived. It’s the perfect time to figure out some activities to keep you and your partner occupied, while still maintaining that skin-to-skin contact for which you yearn.

Couple rollerblading

There’s nothing better than getting to spend some quality time with your significant other. I know this, because my hubby works long hours and even on the weekends. I often think to myself, “What kind of memories am I able to make with someone who is hardly ever around?” I’m not playing the woe is me card, believe me. What I’m saying is simple: Treasure the time you do have with one another and make it worthwhile.

Now’s the perfect time to take advantage of some great active opportunities that leave you both touching all day (yay!) and creating awesome memories. Aside from staying in bed all day and getting it on, which admittedly is also awesome, there are tons of other things you guys can do together that still keep you close.

Here are some fun skin-to-skin activities for couples!



Lay on the hood of your car, side by side, and stare up at the countless number of stars in the sky.


Bring it back to 1998

Go out rollerblading and hold hands the entire time.


Lather up!

Take a bubble bath together.


Did someone order a masseuse?

Take turns giving each other different kinds of massages, from face and feet to shoulders and back.


Mark Wahlberg had it right

Find the nearest fair (there are tons of them in the summer!) and go on the Ferris wheel. If you’re feeling frisky, reenact the scene from Fear.


S’mores, anyone?

sleeping bag

Set up a tent in the backyard (or nearby camping site) and share the same sleeping bag overnight.


Ain’t no mountain high enough

Head for the hills and go out for a hike. It’s a great way to create a challenge that you both have to overcome.


Help the community

Volunteer together at a local shelter or something bigger like Habitat for Humanity.


So you think you can dance?

Redeem that Groupon you forgot you purchased and finally take those ballroom (or salsa) lessons you paid for.


Get on the scene

Rental cars are not too expensive nowadays. How about you guys head over and splurge on a convertible, and take a beautiful scenic drive. Keep the car all day to be able to enjoy the sunset later at night (and maybe even the aforementioned stargazing suggestion).


Get thrifty!

Take a trip to the local thrift store, head to a flea market, or browse local garage sales and create your very own DIY project.


It shouldn’t be a chore

Whether you have to mow the lawn, plant some flowers, water the grass or rake the leaves, you should never feel like it’s a chore. Doing these things together puts the responsibility on the both of you as a couple and doing things as a team gets the job done faster.


Kiss the chef

Figure out a dish that you’re craving for dinner and spend the day picking out ingredients for it (farmers markets are always the best!). Come home and follow the recipe, working hand in hand to go through each step of the instructions. Bonus points for a non-beginner recipe.



Some days, you just want to sit around and do absolutely nothing but cuddle, watch TV/movies and just eat your face off. Good for you. Do this naked — or do this wearing PJs. But however you do it, stay close the entire time.

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