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What makes a relationship strong?

We all know spending time together and communicating make a relationship strong, but what else? Let’s see what it takes to really develop a stable relationship.

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Why is it that some couples seem more “connected” than others? Are they just a better match? Chances are, they’re not. They just work harder at maintaining their relationship and know what it takes to keep it thriving. Here, we’ll share fresh and interesting ideas on what it takes to make a relationship strong and solid — something we all crave and desire.

Keep the romance alive

This seems obvious — and if you’re not yet married or are without kids — it probably comes pretty naturally. Unfortunately, once you settle down and start adding more responsibilities to your lives, romance tends to get left behind. It starts requiring effort on both your parts to keep it thriving. Carolyn, a work-from-home mom with two babies and a toddler, offers some fun and useful advice:

  • Buy a 365-day sex position book — and use it!
  • Schedule a lunch date at home, and use it for a “sexortunity”
  • Enact a “no television” rule after a certain time
  • Look cute and come home in a good mood — these little things can make all the difference!

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Take care of yourself

Other ways to make yourself a priority include: Going to the gym regularly, going out with the girls or, if you’re really brave, going on a trip by yourself.

It’s easy to get caught up in the relationship and forget about your own wants and needs. The healthiest relationships are the ones where each person still makes themselves a priority. Everyone needs alone time, right? Sometimes just what the doctor orders is a night in, curled up with a bowl of ice cream and a movie — all by yourself.

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Give love, even when you don’t want to

This takes years and years to master. As humans, we don’t naturally give love if we’re not receiving it. This is why couples get stuck in ruts and slowly begin to grow distant from one another. Instead of waiting on your partner to show you love, show them love first. Again, it’s not easy — especially if you’re feeling animosity or anger towards that person — but do it anyways. Easy ways to give love include:

  • Greeting them with a kiss and a smile when they walk through the door
  • Thanking them for something small they may have done (even something as small as they picked up their socks off the floor)
  • Asking them if there’s anything you can do to help them
  • Being friendly and positive toward them
  • Giving them a long hug, just because
  • Leaving a love note with a Starbucks gift card in their car

By doing little things like these regularly, you’ll start to notice a change in your partner, too. They will have a better attitude toward you, go out of their way to help you and start making you more of a priority. It’s a win-win situation for you both — but someone needs to be the one to start.

Tell us

Do you consider yourself to be in a strong relationship? If so, how do you do it? Share in the comments below!

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