Practical eating tips from a professional yogi

Yogalosophy author Mandy Ingber offers her 10 tips on how to be healthy and fit by incorporating body-positive healthy eating habits into your daily routine.

Mandy Ingber
Mandy Ingber

10 Steps toward a healthy body

Yogalosophy author Mandy Ingber offers her 10 tips on how to be healthy and fit by incorporating body-positive healthy eating habits into your daily routine.

YogalosophyMandy Ingber, the creator of Yogalosophy, is a fitness and wellness expert, speaker, instructor, and author. For more than 16 years she has motivated people with her light-hearted approach and unique teaching style, making her accessible to all.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply get more toned and aligned with your body, healthy eating habits are critical. Why? Because food affects the way you feel.

Not only will eating the right way make you feel healthier and more energized, you will also experience a greater sense of clarity, and cultivate a more grounded, centered foundation throughout your day. Check out what Mandy has to say about the benefits of body-positive eating!

Here are Mandy Ingber’s top 10 diet guidelines:


Press the reset button

It’s not what you do once, but what you do consistently that makes you who you are. It’s OK to have that one cookie. It’s when you eat cookies every single day that you get a little doughy. Whenever I veer off a little, it can be easily offset by starting fresh. Do not skip your next meal, simply go back to eating wholesome food, and continue with your exercise program. This will press the reset button to keep you right on track.


Feed your body all day long

When you eat five to six small meals a day, you raise your metabolism so that your body is burning what you eat as fuel all day long. Choosing healthy, non-sugary, whole foods will regulate your blood sugar throughout the day, so that you are always satiated. If you need a sweet treat, try a healthy bar that is low in sugar like a KIND bar. Or slice apples and sprinkle with salt and cinnamon.


Lighten your load

When you replace your intake of packaged foods with more plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you will notice your body getting lighter, and well as keeping your environmental footprint lighter.


Stay hydrated

Your body and muscles are made up of 75 percent water. Your brain is 80 percent water and your blood is 90 percent! Water carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells, regulates your body temperature, and helps convert food to energy (i.e., burning calories).

Fun fact

By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. So don’t wait! The minimal suggested amount that you drink should be your body weight divided by two, so if you are 120 pounds, 60 ounces of water.


Go green, get clean

Eat your greens! Greens are alkalizing and contain calcium, iron, folic acid and magnesium. The darker the green, the more nutrient rich rewards. Not only does research point to cancer prevention, but the chlorophyll in your greens has numerous benefits, including purifying your blood, better liver function, lower blood pressure and improved circulation. Greens are nature’s cleanser.


Slow down

Most of us eat on the go, but eating too fast causes us to miss the first step in the digestive process: chewing. Not only that, but it takes 20 minutes before the body sends a signal that it’s full, so when you eat fast, you are more likely to overeat.


Go organic whenever possible

Eating whole, natural foods grown locally and without pesticides will not only support your local farmers, but the food tastes better without all of the chemicals and preservatives.


Try a new recipe

Cooking can be very creative. I can get into a rut with the same few dishes, so I make a point to try a new recipe once a week. This helps relax my mind, gives me an outlet for my creativity and I get to eat my art at the end! Trying new recipes opens my mind to new, delicious alternatives.


Be mindful

Before you eat, sit down and close your eyes. Give thanks and pause before you eat your food. Not only will this remind you that you are eating, but it will also help you set intention. We are what we think, so what you think before you eat will shift the way the food gets absorbed in your body.



Mealtimes can be a place where our relationships thrive. The ritual of a family dinner can be incredibly helpful in bonding and creating stability. If you do not have your own family to commune with, create your own “family dinner” once a week and invite your closest friends.

Want more tips? Check out Ingber’s book Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover.

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