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Treat yourself: High-end vibrators

When dating, we expect the very best — someone who will treat us like a princess and make us feel spoiled. But what about when we’re engaging in a touch of self-love? We still deserve only the best, and these high-end vibrators are just what the (love) doctor ordered!

The latest buzz

When dating, we expect the very best — someone who will treat us like a princess and make us feel spoiled. But what about when we’re engaging in a touch of self-love? We still deserve only the best, and these high-end vibrators are just what the (love) doctor ordered!

Gadget porn becomes porn… gadgets?

Hello Touch

In the world of sex toys, there’s not often all that much in the way of new and innovative gadgets — except, now there is. “The Stronic (, $199) is the next wave of sex toys. Not a vibrator, but a pulsator that mimics the thrusting motion of sex. “With 10 different rhythms, you’ll definitely find the moves that will please!” says Claire Cavanah, Babeland’s co-founder.

We’re also rather excited by vibes that you can wear on your finger. This isn’t a new concept, but leave it to luxury style maker Jimmyjane to make the experience more sophisticated and interactive. “The new Hello Touch (, $65) wearable vibe has two pads that slip over your finger tips and add zing everywhere your hands roam!” says Cavanah. Hello, interactive!

That’s not brave new world enough for you? We’re personally enthralled with LELO’s Lyla 2 (, $139) — a remote-controlled vibrator! That means your partner can wirelessly control your pleasure from a distance. It doesn’t get much sexier than that.

We-VibeTwo become one

The world of adult products is becoming far more couple-centric than in the past.

The We-Vibe (, $150) is quickly becoming one of the most popular adult vibrating toys on the market, and we think it’s all about the versatility. Couples love it because it can be used during sex or for solo play, but also because the design allows for both internal and external stimulation for women. It conforms to our shape, making it comfortable and easy to use.

Their newest version, The Thrill by We-Vibe, was designed for ladies who prefer a DIY experience. It was named a semi-finalist in the annual Last Gadget Standing competition alongside tech giants like Samsung and Intel — another CES first — more than 175,000 people viewed/voted on the product!

Boudoir BibleKnow-how

“Fifty Shades may have gotten the world all hot and bothered, but it doesn’t teach us much about how to act out our own fantasies. Now that more of us are becoming comfortable discussing sex and new ways of enhancing pleasure and connection, more resources are being made available to support the exploration,” says Ethan Imboden, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Jimmyjane.

One of the best new resources comes from Betony Vernon — pick up a copy of her [The] Boudoir Bible and set aside some study time. “If you’re looking for immediate gratification, visit the Learn section on and download all the free Pleasure Guides you want. Whichever path you choose, consider inviting a study buddy to make sure you make the most of your new knowledge,” says Imboden.

AFTERGLOW Massage Oil CandleForeplay

This may be one of those rare opportunities to have your cake and eat it too. “Sixty percent of women say that foreplay is their favorite part of the sexual experience, and guys report wanting more as well,” says Imboden. A full-body massage is a tried-and-true warm-up, and if you’re looking for a multi-sensory experience, try the KNEAD ME Pleasure Set (, $45), which brings together an AFTERGLOW Massage Oil Candle and its favorite accomplice, the CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stone. Be sure to take your time though, working gradually to the most sensitive areas of the body — it’s not foreplay if it takes you straight to the finish line.

Lube is an essential for just about any vibrator, and if you are going to have the most luxurious of buzz(iness), you should make sure to accompany it with a high-end lube. We are all about the Silicone-Based Lubricant at Kiki de Montparnasse (, $65) — plus, look how elegant it will look as it sits on your vanity!

The classics remain strong

“Rabbits and bullets continue to be popular and essentials that everyone should have in their toy box,” says Jamie Cooper, sexpert at Lion’s Den. Bullets are great for stimulation. You can get immediate release with them or you can use them to stimulate the entire region around your clit until you’re panting. Either way, it’s a win/win situation! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some even have remotes (for those times you want your partner to have all the control).

Rabbits have continued to gain popularity over the last decade because they come in a variety of shapes and styles. They stimulate, penetrate, rotate and, of course, vibrate, with a variety of speeds that you can control. They just do the job. Enough said!

That said, erotic romance writer Elia Winters says people are developing a more expensive taste when it comes to their toys: “While classics such as the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Rabbit Pearl will always be customer favorites, it’s easy to see clients moving away from cheap rubber vibrators and into more expensive, durable products such as those produced by njoy and LELO.”

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