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Reader stories: My summer fling

Summer flings are all about falling in love quickly — and for a few lucky ones, that head-over-heels love lasts and turns into something more. Let’s hear what real women have to say about summer flings!

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Why is it that summer flings seem so glorious and romantic? Maybe it’s the fantasy of being swept off our feet by an Italian hunk that picks us up on his motorcycle and leaves us with one long-stem rose. Or maybe it’s the idea of simply falling in love, having picnics in the park and walking hand-in-hand at sunset. Either way, summer flings are fun, spontaneous and all-consuming. Real women share details of their summer fling and whether or not it lasted, plus we share some tips on what can make them last!

Brenda shares a dream summer fling that didn’t last…

“I had just ended an eight year relationship when I met Stefano, a gorgeous visitor from Italy who looked like what I assumed Edmond Dantes looked like from The Count of Monte Cristo. For three weeks, we zipped around New York, kissing in little bistros and walking through parks. We had espresso in SoHo, wine in the village and both cried by the A train as we said goodbye before he went to catch his flight. He called me before take-off and wrote me as soon as he landed. He attempted to keep it going, but he was a gorgeous playboy and I was heartbroken and madly in love with someone I knew I could not be with, my ex. Stefano and I remain friends and I am so happy to have met him, but I wouldn’t date him for any amount of money — heartbreak city!”

Summer fling tip #1

Be realistic. If your summer fling happens to be the world’s most eligible bachelor, like Brenda’s, view the relationship as something short and sweet. Spending all your time and energy trying to get a ladies’ man to commit is simply asking for heartbreak.

Elizabeth shares a summer fling turned into a marriage…

“This was the first summer I had been single in about five years. Though I was more than open to the idea of a summer fling, I wasn’t actively seeking one out. One night while out with friends, I met a tall, dark and handsome man that made my heart skip a beat. He was also interested — and so our summer fling began. I never thought it would turn into something more. In fact, he dated lots of women and I figured there was no way he was looking to be serious, so why try. He ended up pursuing me throughout the summer and into the fall… and winter… and spring… and summer again and now we’re happily married. When I’m mad at him, I look back at our first summer together and can’t help but smile.”

Summer fling tip #2

Let the man pursue you. We love that Elizabeth didn’t pour her whole heart into her summer fling and wind up heartbroken. It’s the man’s job to pursue you — let him. If he wants it to be something more — as in Elizabeth’s case — you’ll be the first to know.

Madeline shares her summer fling experience…

“I had a summer fling last summer that worked out great for awhile. The guy was successful, handsome, owned his own place and liked me (of course!). He had great qualities and we had fun together…until he wanted to know ‘where this was going.’ Yikes! I wasn’t looking for anything serious. It’s called a ‘fling’ for a reason!”

Summer fling tip #3

Know what you want. We love that Madeline wasn’t looking for anything more than a casual dating experience and she stayed true to herself. When dating or in a serious relationship, the most important thing you can do is stay true to who you are. You should never feel pressured to change your goals or ambitions strictly to please someone else – especially when it comes to summer flings!

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