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The best places to meet men during the summer

When the weather heats up, why shouldn’t your love life too!? We convinced real women and relationship experts to spill the beans on where to meet quality men during the summer.

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Enjoy outdoor events

One of the best parts about summer is the opportunity to spend your free time outdoors. So really put yourself out there, urges Suzanne Casamento, CEO of “Attend outdoor concerts, the farmers market, art festivals, firework shows or any other exciting events happening in or near your community. As you enjoy them, remember that most of the people around you are likely feeling just as good as you are. Make eye contact, smile and say, ‘Hi.’ You never know who you might meet!”


Sign up for boot camp

Boot camp is a great way to kill two birds with one stone! After all, don’t you want to have the confidence to take off your clothes at the pool or in the bedroom this summer? Of course you do! “You’ll tone your butt, arms and abs, boost your self-esteem and get the chance to meet a lot of different guys at boot camp,” points out Talia Goldstein, professional matchmaker and co-founder of the exclusive dating site Three Day Rule. “You’ll also get to check out their bodies at the same time.” Ummm, just an added bonus!


Hit the dog park

Renowned chef and dietician Gina Keatley actually met her husband one summer in NYC. Because she’s a fan of men with furry friends, she recommends hitting up the dog park to potentially find love. “Men with dogs are a top pick for me. They’re normal enough to care for themselves and a pet too,” she notes. Don’t have a dog? Volunteer to walk a friend’s, and bring extra treats as an opener, she suggests.


Go to the ball game

Duh! America’s favorite pastime is a no-brainer for meeting guys, says Suzanne. “The sense of camaraderie flowing through the crowd makes it super easy to strike up conversations with the fans surrounding you. Need an icebreaker? Ask him, ‘Do you think that was a fair call?’ Or say, ‘I missed that play! What happened?’ Then offer him some of your peanuts. It’ll be all high fives from there!”


Join a singles group
(or any group!)

Professional life coach and dating/relationship expert Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC, of, fell in love with her husband in May after joining a singles biking group. “I also played softball, tennis and went on hikes,” she recounts. “I was involved with sports and activities groups as well, which for me, was the best place to meet single guys.” Rather than being all over the place, Amy advises going to a couple of groups more regularly.


Host a summer party

Think about it: If you host a summer party, all the men will come to you! You can talk to anyone you want, plus the guys might even bring you a gift (uh, wine anyone?), informs Talia. “Order some food, hire a bartender (don’t get stuck being the server) and invite every cute guy you know.” Tell your girlfriends to do the same, and ask the guys to bring their guy friends too. If you don’t have the money to blow, go in with a few gals and split the cost, she offers.

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