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Water toning exercises

Have fun in the water while getting in shape. It’s easy to do and you don’t need a lot of equipment. Whether you’re at the gym, your own pool or a hotel pool, or on vacation by the ocean, these moves can be done easily and keep you toned and tightened all year long!

Single-leg ball extension

Targets: Abs, shoulders and legs

Single Leg Ball Extension

Holding the ball with arms stretched straight in front of you, extend a single leg; toes are pointed and abs are tight. Slowly bring the ball down to your waist with a slight bend in the elbow while bringing your leg back to center. Repeat, alternating legs. Recommended: Three sets of 12


Targets: Abs


Using two kickboards, float face-down with your arms extended in front, and legs extended with toes pointed. Slowly bend your knees, drawing your legs underneath you while bringing your arms to a 90-degree angle, at which point you will be in an upright position. From this position slowly straighten your legs directly out in front of you. Keep the move a continuous flow from front to back. Recommended: Three sets of 12 (one extension to the front and back counts as one move)

Pendulum swing

Targets: Abs and legs

Pendulum swing

Using two kickboards, position your body in an upright position with your legs bent and the soles of your feet pressed together. With a tight core, start your body in a swinging motion side to side while maintaining an upright position. Recommended: Three sets of 45 seconds each

Shoulder press

Targets: Shoulders and arms

Shoulder Press

At the edge of the pool, place hands palms-down, with your fingertips facing away from you. Tighten your core and keep your legs together as you push yourself up off the edge into a straight position. Recommended: Three sets of five. Challenge yourself and increase your reps as your strength increases.

Arm swing

Targets: Shoulders, core and arms

Arm Swing

Standing in an upright position with your feet hip-width apart, grip each side of the kickboard and place it halfway into the water (the deeper in the water, the more resistance you will feel). Swing the board from side to side, keeping your core tight and balanced. Recommended: Three sets of 45 seconds each

Split-leg layout

Targets: Abs, legs and arms

Split Leg Layout

Using two kickboards, float on your stomach with your hands gripping the edges of the boards, arms in a “V” position and legs together with toes pointed. Keeping your core tight, draw the arms together and lower one leg toward the bottom in a straight position. Return that leg to the surface of the water and lower the opposite leg; then return to the surface of the pool. Once you have lowered both legs, bring the arms back to the “V” position and repeat the move again. Recommended: Three sets of 45 seconds each

Leg extensions

Targets: Abs and legs

Leg Extensions

Place both hands on the edge of the pool wall and extend the legs back together with your toes pointed, keeping your core tight. You must keep your legs just at the surface of the water and split them into a letter “V” position” and then bring them back together. Repeat this move. If you want to add some arm strength, when you draw your legs back together bring your arms into the wall for a small press and then back out. Recommended: Three sets of 45 seconds each

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