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Real stories: The craziest place I’ve had sex outdoors is…

Some people feel frisky by simply having sex outside of the bedroom. Doing the deed on the kitchen counter, the living room couch or the bathroom sink is considered out-of-the-box thinking. These folks love to do it outdoors.

Couple having sex on the beach

An avid SheKnows reader had somewhat of a bad ending to an otherwise awesome sexcapade.

Well there was that one time when we were on our boat, a 28-foot Bayliner in Lake Michigan. At the time, the kids were about eight and 10. We anchored in a cove right by the sand dunes. The kids were on deck playing around, and my husband and I were in the water, but under the boat. In an instant, I whipped off my swimsuit and made my hubby take his off. Next thing we know, we’re having sex in the water! It was the most thrilling experience I’ve ever had. Sadly, a few days later I ended up with the worst bladder infection ever!

A student was studying abroad in Italy during her junior year of college. Her boyfriend at the time went to another college but applied to the same program she was in. Together, they experienced all that Italy had to offer… and more.

I remember one weekend we all took a trip to Rome. Being poor college students, a bunch of us had to share hotel rooms. In the morning, we woke up to everyone sleeping all around us. We decided to take advantage of the only private space the hotel room offered — the balcony. Quietly, we snuck outside and started to get completely naked. We didn’t care that people from the street could see us if they looked up, or that our peers could wake up at any moment… that was all part of the fun. There, under the recently risen sunlight, we made love on a balcony in Rome.

An author says that he’s had many outdoor sexual experiences. He recalls a few times under the stars on Baja, California, and another time at a campground in Florida. Here, he shares his most exciting time: a golf course in Pennsylvania.

I was walking with a girl in the local park, which had a golf course. It was a hot summer night, and one of those sudden thunderstorms came up. It was instantly pouring buckets of rain. We were a long way away from the car, so there was no point in making a run for it. We knew better than to seek refuge under a tree during a lightning storm, so we went onto a low spot of a fairway. We started making out as the rain pelted us with giant drops. One thing led to another and soon we were sliding our wet bodies together on the grass. It briefly crossed my mind that we might get caught, but I realized as hard as it was raining, no one in their right mind would be driving, let alone walking in the storm. With only a row of trees and sheets of rain shielding us from sight, we giggled our way through passionate lovemaking, the sweat washing off instantly. It was one of the most romantic, crazy evenings of my life.

Chuck Small had a very big (see what I did there?) experience. He dated a co-worker of his for six years, who was somewhat of a sex addict.

When she wanted sex, I had to give it to her no matter where we were. One sunny day, we were taking a bagged lunch break in a park just a couple of blocks from work. Out of nowhere, she groped me and demanded that we head over to the shade of a nearby tree and have sex. While we were going at it (I was on top), a family strolled up. She hissed through clenched teeth that she was not finished yet. So I continued while the family — father, mother, some kids and a baby stroller — lined up and gawked. When she finally finished in her typically loud fashion, we strolled away and waved goodbye to our audience. The experience gave me a new appreciation for what it takes to be a porn star.

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