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5 Conversations that will strengthen your relationship

They say communication is the keystone to a great relationship. There are ways to open communication with your partner every day. Whether it’s simple questions about his past or opening the conversation up to deeper topics, getting to know your partner’s goals, likes and dislikes will help you form a closer bond in the long run.

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“What do you see for us in the future?”

Ah, yes. The old cliche. Don’t drop this one on a casual, “just dating” situation. The question is for serious relationships only. It’s the conversation that makes men cower and hide in fear of answering incorrectly. But hey, if he’s worried about the question, it means he’s afraid to lose you, so take that as a good sign. Looking into what the future might hold for the both of you in his mind will give you a better idea of what kind of relationship to expect in the long run. Keep in mind that “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer too. No one knows what the future really holds, and often it takes some time for a relationship to fully develop. Sometimes relationships are just about having fun. It’s good to know where you stand, whether you’re looking for a simple fling or marriage.

“What do you like in the bedroom?”

If you’re a conservative kind of lady who doesn’t talk about such things, well… do it anyway. This conversation is crucial to the rest of your relationship. Make no mistake — sexual compatibility is one of the cornerstones to a great relationship. If you’re sexually incompatible, it’s likely your relationship won’t work out in the long run. Does he have any kinks? Do you have any fetishes? If so, let them be known. It might be embarrassing at first, but when you’re living out those fantasies in the bedroom with someone you love, it’ll all be worth it.

“You mean so much to me”

If you’re in love and you haven’t told him yet, what are you waiting for? You should let your feelings be known in your relationship. If you’ve been dating for some time and still haven’t dropped the “I love you” bomb, it might be time. If it feels right, that is. And if it doesn’t feel right, there’s no problem in holding off. Wait until the feelings actually develop before making any grandiose proclamations of love. While love is great, being true to yourself is more important.

“What are your goals?”

If he doesn’t have any, that’s red flag number one. But odds are your significant other has some pretty wild dreams he’d like to achieve in his life. Are you on board? Perhaps he’d like to live in New York City one day, and you’re a rural kind of girl. Will his dreams mesh with yours? Is he willing to make some compromises to fit your dreams and vice versa? If you’re getting serious with this guy, it’s time to think about what’s best for both of you in the future and how you can make those dreams happen together.

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“Do you want kids?”

Countless couples have broken off marriages and relationships because they never asked this very question. If he wants to have kids someday and you don’t, that will be a major point of contention in a long-term relationship or marriage. It’s best to bring it up when things start to become exclusive. It doesn’t need to be a big, serious conversation. A simple, lighthearted inquiry about kids where it naturally fits in a conversation will tell you a lot about the man you’ve chosen and your future compatibility.

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