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5 Destinations for a long weekend away together

Planning to go away together is a big deal. Whether you’re heading out on vacation for the first time together or it’s your umpteenth trip with your partner, it’s all about picking the right destination for the kind of couple you are. These great destinations can help you unwind, but they can also help you find out things about your partner you didn’t know back at home.

Happy couple vacationing at beach

The nearest beach

It doesn’t matter if you head to a local man-made lake or the Pacific Ocean. Find the nearest beach to you and just drive! It gives you can excuse to bare some skin for the weekend in front of your new beau, plus it gets you back in touch with nature. Grab some rays and indulge in a little touristy fun, like heading to boardwalk shops and scoping out the best bars in town.

The cabin in the woods

Pack your bags, city girl! And don’t worry about packing the makeup or heels. OK, sure. The Cabin in the Woods is the name of a horror flick, but it’s not as creepy as it sounds. In fact, it can be insanely relaxing. Getting back to rural roots and leaving the big city behind for the woods is a great way to connect with nature and discover activities you didn’t even know you liked. Spend the day outdoors hiking, climbing, fishing or swimming. Skill-driven activities like these are a great way to cooperate and get to know your partner on a deeper level.

The Mexican getaway

If you live anywhere close to the border, getting to Mexican beach destinations like Rocky Point and Acapulco is a rather cheap and easy getaway. It’s perfect for baring skin and getting a nice tan before you have to be back to work on Monday. (Just make sure you pack a great razor like Venus Embrace.) While there are countless upsides to a quick Mexican vacation, like overall cheaper everything and white sand beaches, you need to take proper precautions around the border if you choose to drive. Do an internet search for topics like “Rocky Point safety” and “Acapulco safety” to get the full rundown of the precautions you need to take on these types of vacations.


The economic downturn brought about the term “staycation,” which usually requires staying at a resort and sitting by the pool for a couple days. Hey, you can do that anywhere. You don’t have to head out of town to discover new things with your guy. Book a hotel downtown and discover the local arts and culture scenes your city has to offer. Head out to the museums, catch a game at the ballpark or finally make a reservation at the greatest restaurant in town. Do all the things you wish you could do on the weekend when life normally gets in the way.

Your state’s wonder

Live in Arizona and never been to The Grand Canyon? Still itching to make your way to Niagara Falls? Find your state or region’s own wonder, then take the opportunity to play tourist in your own back yard. There’s a reason these destinations are so highly revered, so take advantage of your close proximity this weekend.

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