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15 Adventures that will bond you together

Remember that heart-pounding, light-headed, dizzy feeling you had when you two first met? It’s the same feeling you get from a huge adrenaline rush. Embark on a big adventure to get that rush together, and reignite that lovin’ feeling.

Couple resting on river bank while white water rafting together

Nothings bonds you together as a couple like taking a big adventure together. It doesn’t matter much what kind of adventure you choose, just as long as it gets your heart beating faster (and a little more in time with his!). Here are our top adventure picks for adventures for couples.


White water rafting

No one wants to end up in the water when you’re rafting. To keep that from happening, you have to work together as a team. Not only will it keep you dry while you’re in the boat, but it’s something you’ll carry with you back to dry land, as well. The Magic Falls Rafting Company offers you a one-night stay, a delicious barbecue, a memorable trip down the Kennebec River and plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors in Maine.


Go RVing

Isolated map

Living in super-close quarters can be trying to any relationship, but it can also bring you a lot closer together. When you’re stuck in a house on wheels that’s not much bigger than a van, you can’t really avoid each other. Good things happen when you have no choice but to face each other and talk it out. Get your hands on an RV and hit the road!


Get muddy

There’s nothing like rolling around in the mud to bring you closer to your honey. The Muddy Buddy race series features two-person teams running, biking and tackling obstacles like cargo nets, balance beams and, of course, mud pits. Pick out a crazy costume to wear at one of nine locations around the country, and get ready to get your mud on! True love never looked so good.


Move away

Moving is certainly not a decision to be taken lightly or to be made on the spur of the moment, but if you decide to make the leap, you’ll probably benefit as a couple. There’s nothing like moving together to a new place. When you don’t know anyone else, you learn to depend on each other like you never have before.


Take a class

Isolated binoculars

You don’t have to hit the road to have a great adventure! Find a local class you would both enjoy and sign up! Choose cooking, square dancing, bird watching — it doesn’t matter! The joy and frustrations that come with learning something new will help you bond.


Be Ghostbusters

There’s nothing a good ghost hunt to get your heart pumping! A little bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement will do wonders for your relationship. Grabbing for each other in the dark doesn’t hurt, either! Look for local haunt spots near you, or travel across the country to hunt a well-known ghost.


Get your laugh on

OK, so heading out to your local comedy club isn’t really a huge adventure, but laughing together is a great way to bond. Want to make it more exciting? Get tickets for a club a few states away, and make a long weekend out of the trip.

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